Marvel gives Spider-Man a Weird New Superpower

Marvel’s Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man gets a brand new superpower that turns him into a whole different kind of waking nightmare.

Marvel’s Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man is getting a supernatural upgrade unlike anything fans have seen before.

Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man from writers Taboo (Werewolf by Night) and B. Earl (Spirits of Vengeance: Spirit Rider) and artist Juan Ferreyra (New Suicide Squad) finds the titular hero finally facing off against the Demon Bear that has been relentlessly plaguing him. As the two battle across the wilderness, Spider-Man finds that his twisted new form is accompanied by a whole new set of powers, specifically the ability to create and command ethereal crows whose talons cut just as deep as any other.

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Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4

  • TABOO & B. EARL (W)
  • Main cover art by RAHZZAH
  • SAY IT AIN’T SO, SPIDEY! Spending some time in L.A., Spider-Man has discovered a mysterious and powerful relic that has awakened something that threatens to consume him! With his subconscious at a crossroads, will Spidey have what it takes to resist or will he be lost to a waking nightmare forever?

Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man kicked things off with Peter Parker having traveled to Los Angeles to work with fellow scientist Crystal Catawnee, only for the former to become afflicted with strange waking nightmares after coming into contact with a magical rock. In the time since, Peter and Crystal have learned that they somehow upset the balance between the waking world and the nightmare realm. This has sent the two racing against time to find the end of a mysterious Maze and defeat the Demon Bear before everyone’s nightmares become a permanent reality.

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The Demon Bear made its first appearance in the pages of 1983’s New Mutants #3, created by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod. Originally, the Demon Bear tormented Dani Moonstar in the hopes of turning the young hero into a vessel through which it could enter the human world. Since then, the Demon Bear has been scarce, only making a handful of appearances typically to oppose Marvel’s heroes with whom it shares a deeply rooted connection.

Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man is written by Taboo and B. Earl, with art and colors by Juan Ferreyra and letters by VC’s Travis Lanham. Main cover art is by Rahzzah. Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4 goes on sale Jan. 18 from Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel

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