Makeup Products Beginners Must Buy For Their Beauty Kits

Today, a lot of makeup education happens because of the internet, where we see the huge makeup collections of beauty gurus and influencers. But, with people talking about a new product every day, it’s hard for beginners to decipher what would be useful to them. Do we really need all the products we keep seeing people talk about on social media?

So, if you’re just dipping your toes into the world of makeup and are wondering which products are necessary and which ones are not, here’s a guide on what not to buy for now.

Things a beginner’s makeup kit does not need

What to avoid: A set of expensive brushes

 Reason expensive brushes are not needed for beginners to makeupCredit: iStock Photo

Why a set of expensive brushes is not for beginners

• Don’t get us wrong—good-quality tools are important—but you don’t need top-of-the-line brush kits as a beginner.

• Brush sets don’t allow you to customise what you get, so you’ll get a fixed set regardless of your needs.

• When you’re a beginner who barely uses makeup, most of these brushes will be useless to you.

• For example, brush sets contain a lot of large brushes, which are too hard to manoeuvre around the face without making a mess.

• These sets also have multiple eye brushes, out of which you’ll only need one or two.

• For instance, someone who uses an eye pencil to do eyeliner application doesn’t need an eyeliner brush.

Instead, opt for: The brushes you need

• Buy single brushes if you feel like you need them.

• A fluffy small blending brush for eyeshadow is useful.

• A medium-sized fluffy powder brush is great and can be used for blush and bronzer too.

• A stiff and short angled brush can be used for eyeliner, smoking out eyeshadow, and filling the brows.

• These three are enough for the whole face, and you can wipe them on a makeup removing wipe or reusable microfibre towel soaked in micellar water between uses to clean them.

• This way, you’ll be able to use the same brush for multiple things.

• Check out this guide to makeup brushes to know more about which brush does what, so you can decide for yourself.

What to avoid: False lashes

Reason faux lashes are not needed for beginners to makeupCredit: iStock Photo

Why false lashes are not necessary for beginners to makeup

• False lashes are not easy to apply for most people.

• The other problem is, along with lashes, you also need glue and a pair of tweezers to stick them on.

• You also can’t use them more than a few times without ruining them. So, you need multiple sets.

• All in all, it’s a pain for beginners.

Instead, opt for: A waterproof mascara

• Mascara is obviously easier to apply than a set of faux eyelashes.

• Waterproof mascara, specifically, gives the lashes a lot of hold, so the lift, depth, and volume it provides is long-lasting.

• You can wear waterproof mascara on a daily basis, but wearing falsies every day can make the glue from the lashes cause some lash hairs to get ripped off.

• Now, waterproof mascara does get a bad rap, but if you use an oil-based makeup remover and leave the oil on the lashes for two minutes before wiping it off, it’s very easy to remove.

• That is, it’s easier than removing false lashes, which are supposed to be gradually removed with a cotton bud soaked in micellar water, a much more time-consuming process.

• It also feels more comfortable on the eyelids than cumbersome faux lashes.

iDiva loves:The Maybelline New York Hyper Curl Mascara in Waterproof Very Black (Rs 490) is a very simple, affordable waterproof mascara ideal for daily wear. It’s not very difficult to remove, it doesn’t get clumpy, gives the lashes a nice lift and curl. It’s not very lengthening or volumising, but it’s such a crowd-pleaser because it gets the basics right. So, it works well for daily use.

Best affordable waterproof Maybelline mascaraCredit: Nykaa

Buy it here

What to avoid: Full-coverage matte foundation

Reason heavy matte foundations are not needed for beginners to makeupCredit: iStock Photo

Why a beginner’s makeup kit doesn’t need to have a full-coverage foundation

• Full-coverage matte foundations are very hard to blend.

• They can be very cakey and leave the skin looking masked with the product.

• While using a moisturiser beforehand or applying it with a blending sponge can help, it’s not always possible.

• For someone who’s just started wearing makeup, it’s also hard to adjust to the skin looking so covered-up and different from the way it really is.

• So, a full-coverage matte foundation is not ideal for beginners.

Instead, opt for: Medium coverage satin foundations

• A buildable medium coverage foundation will work for most people.

• As the name suggests, it can be built up for more coverage and be made sheer for less coverage.

• If it has a satin finish it won’t look cakey like a matte, yet will still be opaque and solid enough to not separate like many dewy foundations.

• So, it’ll work for a lot of occasions, skin concerns and skin types.

iDiva loves: The NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Pro Drop Foundation (Rs 1,299) has a very runny, watery consistency which spreads easily. You’d think a product like this would be dewy, but it actually has a demi-matte, natural, skin-like finish. It can be built up without looking cakey with ease. It lasts long on the skin without separating or getting flaky, and blending it is child’s play. Plus, you can shade-match the foundation physically in a lot of physical Nykaa stores if you can’t find a match online.

Best lightweight skin-like foundationCredit: Nykaa

Buy it here

What to avoid: Glitter

Reason glitter not needed for beginners to makeupCredit: iStock Photo

Why beginners to makeup don’t need products with glitter

• Glitter is a hassle to apply and remove, and that is reason enough to avoid it.

• You need a glitter glue or sticky base in order to make it stick to the skin.

• The trouble is, it often gets scattered all over the face, outside the regions you intend to place it on, and this happens with liquid glitter shadows, packed glitter eyeshadows, or cream-based glitters as well, not just loose glitter.

• Removing these bits of glitter is only possible with tape.

• So, a makeup look can get messy very quickly when there’s glitter involved.

Instead, opt for: Cream shimmers

• If you want shiny eyelids or a shiny cheek highlight, go for cream-based shimmer products.

• Creams are very easy to blend with the fingers.

• Shimmer products are a lot more finely-milled than glitters.

• Most cream-based shimmer eyeshadows or highlighters don’t have chunky shimmer particles, so it’s not messy.

• Creams also mesh well with the skin and give a uniform, linear sheen instead of looking like a patch of scattered glitter.

iDiva loves: The Nudestix Nudies Glow All Over Face Color (Rs 3,150) has an exquisite dewy formula that looks like a cross between molten metal and wet glass on the skin. It’s not one of those dusty shimmer products at all. Once the light hits your face, it makes your skin glisten. You can use it on the eyelids as a cream eyeshadow, or on the rest of the face as a highlighter. The best part is that it can easily be blended with the fingers.

Dewy face highlighter and creamy shimmer shadow without glitterCredit: Nykaa

Buy it here

What to avoid: Face palettes

 Reason face palettes are not needed for beginners to makeup Credit: iStock Photo

Why face palettes are unnecessary for beginners

• Face palettes containing two-three blushes, two-three shades of highlighter, or multiple shades of bronzer or contouring products, are best for professionals.

• The idea behind these is mainly to give pro makeup artists enough options for different skin tones.

• Of course, someone who likes experimenting with colours can try them.

• But most of the time, a face palette is a waste for beginners.

• Plus, it’s very hard to find a face palette in which you will find every shade usable or right for your skin tone.

• So, you might only end up using one blush, or only one shade of highlighter, and the rest will just be wasted.

Instead, opt for: Cream-based singles

• The buy-what-you-need principle comes into play in a big way here.

• If you don’t use highlighter or blush, only bronzer, get a cream bronzer. If you don’t use bronzer, only blush, get a cream blush, and so on and so forth.

• The rationale behind going for cream formulas? They are easy to blend for beginners, and can be blended with the fingers, without you requiring a separate brush.

What to avoid: Lots of lipsticks

Reason many lipsticks are not needed for beginners to makeupCredit: iStock Photo

Why beginners to makeup don’t need a lot of lipsticks

• We know, it’s a lot of fun to collect different shades of lipsticks, and makeup is about having fun.

• So, if you love expressing yourself with different lip shades, go forth and grab all the fun colours.

• However, if you’re amongst the many of us who don’t actually end up wearing some of the bright and offbeat lip colours we pick up, listen up.

• Since lipsticks typically don’t cost as much as foundations or eye palettes, it’s not an expensive purchase. This makes us pick up multiple shades without much thought.

• Now unless you really love experimenting with lip colours, there’s no point buying loads of shades.

• If you only wear nude lip colours and you’re not someone who wears orange, purple, or bright pink lipsticks, why buy the latter?

• Given that lipsticks are liquid or cream-based, they expire faster than powder-based products. If you have too many, you’ll never finish any of them before the expiry date, and they’ll get wasted. Why spend on them then?

Instead, opt for: Lip colours you’d actually use

• Think about the use-case while buying lip products. How much are you going to use that colour?

• Most people use a lot of nude lipsticks for everyday wear.

• You might also need one good red or berry, if you like wearing a richer hue for special occasions.

• Ultimately, it’s all up to personal preference and depends on your needs.

That said, it’s important to remember that makeup is all about creativity and personal preference. If you want to buy and try something, it’s completely alright to do so. Just don’t let the beauty gurus online lead you into thinking that you must buy every new product out there!

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