Makeup practices from 2,000 years ago revealed in Aizanoi | Trending

Makeup practices from 2,000 years ago revealed in Aizanoi | Trending


Archaeologists working in the ancient city of Aizanoi in western Turkey unearthed cosmetics from 2,000 years ago which also revealed the beauty secrets of that era. As per reports, the researchers uncovered remnants of a Roman cosmetic and makeup store. This discovery has shed insight into the beauty practices of women in ancient Rome.

What discovery did the archeologist make?

Archaeologists discovered a shop from 2,000 years ago that sold makeup. (Unsplash )

As per BBC, in the discovery made by archaeologists they believe that they came across a store that sold jewellery and cosmetics like perfume and makeup. Various beads from necklaces and hairpins were also discovered. The store was filled with oyster shells and perfume bottles, which were used as containers to store makeup.

Experts were shocked to discover brilliantly coloured pigments in the makeup items, which are similar to contemporary blushes and eyeshadows. They primarily discovered reds and pinks in ten various tones.

Gokhan Coskun, an archaeologist at Dumlupinar University and head of the excavation told TRT World, “Our work is not limited to just inside the shops. It continues around them as well. We determined that the place we completely uncovered was a shop that sold cosmetic products such as perfumes, jewellery, and makeup materials.”

He further added, “During the excavation here (Aizanoi), we encountered a large number of perfume bottles. In addition to these, there are jewellery items. Among these, there are various beads belonging to products such as hairpins and necklaces used by women.”

Previous excavation expeditions in Aizanoi:

According to the Archeologist blog, the recent items found at Aizanoi are not the first relics to indicate the city’s extensive historical background. This once-forgotten city was discovered by European visitors in 1824. Since then, researchers conducted expedition tours to the place to learn more about this ancient Roman city.

Many important artefacts were discovered during the German Archaeology Institute’s excavations between 1970 and 2011. The researchers came across a theatre, a stadium, public baths, a gymnasium, bridges, trading buildings, necropolises, and even the sacred cave of Metre Steune, a location linked to ancient cult rituals.

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