Makeup in the Metaverse: Experience Virtual Beauty with metameet and Liht Organics in Dubai

Makeup in the Metaverse: Experience Virtual Beauty with metameet and Liht Organics in Dubai

makeup in the metaverse

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, January 20, 2023 / — Experience the future of makeup with metameet, a leading Web3 and metaverse solution provider. For the first time in Dubai, metameet is bringing a virtual reality makeup event with the renowned makeup brand Liht Organics at the Mall of the Emirates.

Visitors will be able to try on virtual makeup in real-time and see the results instantly with the help of VR. metameet’s innovative technology and Liht Organics’ expansive portfolio can make it easy to experiment with different looks and styles without the hassle of traditional makeup application.

Frank Fitzgerald, the Founder of metameet, said; “We are delighted to work with Liht Organics and bring this ground-breaking experience to the Mall of the Emirates. It truly is awe-inspiring just how the use of VR and the metaverse can enhance our lives in ways that were never considered before. Those wanting to experiment with new looks can use this VR experience to try various make-up trends, without the need to use make-up remover between styles. We see this technology growing further and becoming even more advanced in time. By integrating AI and AR, customers will be able to see how they will look and receive tips in real-time to enhance the overall experience.”

Speaking of the new offering, Nerissa Low, Founder of Liht Organics said, “We have always maintained an empowering stance with Liht Organics. With the new VR-driven beauty podium, we want women to experiment more and explore new shades, that can help them with endless possibilities in makeup while the technology will help them understand what suits them best. There’s no restricting them now with just 1-2 products that could be physically tried at a beauty kiosk. As far as technology in the beauty industry is concerned, the millennials are truly experimental about trying new trends. With changing consumer preferences that support the larger agenda like, low carbon footprint, environment-friendly, etc., I think such tech-enabled experiences will flourish. Not to forget that we are still recovering from a global pandemic, and hygiene is our topmost priority. With this virtual trial of products, touch is eliminated but the feel is guaranteed. No products wasted also means that we raise the bar higher in sustainability.”

metameet is honored to be collaborating with Liht Organics, a brand that truly recognizes and embraces the beauty in diversity and is committed to meeting the needs of the multi-cultural population in the United Arab Emirates. Utilizing metameet’s technology, avatars will be matched with a variety of makeup options, providing tailored recommendations that cater to the unique needs and preferences of each individual. This VR fusion of technology and beauty is a first for the region and open to all residents of the UAE to experience.

The beauty podium will be open to the public from the 21st until the 29th of January at the Mall of the Emirates, located between Next and FACES shop.

About metameet

metameet is a virtual and digital experience provider that streamlines the journey for companies and users into the metaverse. metameet’s off-the-shelf and custom metaverse solutions, allow users and brands to host and attend, educational learning classes, business headquarters, live shows, concerts, team building, private events, gallery exhibitions and so much more.

About Liht Organics:

Officially launched in March 2019, Liht (pronounced as light) Organics was founded by Nerissa Low and promises award-winning organic makeup that is not just safe and beneficial for your skin and body and can also heal and improve your complexion with regular use. Liht aims to provide a luxurious experience with every application. Its wide range of long-lasting, intensely pigmented, and ultra-nourishing makeup allows you to express yourself in every mood and season. Liht also guarantees that you are investing in your long-term health through the use of quality products made with a high percentage of USDA-certified organic ingredients, no nanoparticles or harmful chemicals, and are vegan and cruelty-free. By advocating the use of organic and natural makeup, Liht fosters a nurturing relationship with the planet. You get to look and feel healthy and beautiful while looking after the well-being of our earthly home!

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Liht Organics x VR Experience powered by metameet

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