Lidl is selling a must have gadget for washing that costs just 7p to run

LIDL is selling an energy-saving gadget just in time for bills to shoot up this winter.

It only costs 7p to run and shoppers will be able to bag it this weekend.

Lidl is selling a must have gadget for washing that costs just 7p to run


The Lidl energy-saving air dryer is on sale this weekendCredit: Getty
The cost-cutting gadget is the heated airer


The cost-cutting gadget is the heated airerCredit: Lidl

Lidl has returned with its fan-favourite heated clothes airer.

For £44.99, it costs under 10p to run for an hour – that’s compared to a tumble dryer, which cost an average of 67p per cycle.

Of course, how much an appliance costs to run depends on how much you use it, what model you have and how much energy you normally use.

But you can pick up Lidl’s cost-cutting heated air dryer from Sunday, 23 October.

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It will be available to buy from stores only – you can find your nearest Lidl using the handy locator tool.

But remember to have a look around other shops first to make sure you aren’t missing out on any deals.

For example, we recently covered this Aldi heated air dryer which only costs 6p to run.

That means if you use Aldi’s one three times a week and keep it on for four hours, that costs £9.36 over the year.

That’s compared to the Lidl dryer, which would cost about £14 for the same amount of usage throughout the year.

We also did a roundup of cheap air dryers here, including popular ones from B&Q and Dunelm.

Some of them are cheaper to buy than the Lidl version – Dunelm’s for example is £40 – so it’s worth having a browse first.

Other energy-saving hacks

It’s always useful to know which appliances and tips can save you money, especially as bills shoot up during the colder months.

Air fryer

Using an air fryer for 15 minutes costs about 13p.

But if you run an oven for an hour, it’ll cost 21p – so an air fryer could be more expensive if you use it a lot.

Remember, how much an appliance costs depends on how much energy you normally use.

It mostly depends on what you cook – an energy expert told The Sun if you’re cooking breaded chicken, it’ll be cheaper to make it in an air fryer as opposed to an electric oven.

It’ll set you back just 11p to cook it, but it only needs to be in there for 39 minutes as opposed to 49 minutes in the oven.

Halogen bulbs

It typically costs 9p per hour to run on Halogen/non-LED light bulbs, depending on how often you have your lights switched on.

Running on LED lights could cost as little as 0.02p – in fact, one billpayer saved £40 a month on energy by using all LEDs.

You can buy them for as little as £1 in bargain retail places like B&M or Home Bargains, but it’s worth noting this may be the cost of a single bulb.

Otherwise, smart meters can help monitor what you use and make sure you’re not forgetting to switch the lights off when you’re not in.

Switching off sockets

We spoke to an expert who saved £180 a year by switching off the sockets.

It’s especially useful when using things like the kettle.

According to Utilita, leaving a kettle switched on at the wall adds around a fiver to your annual energy bill.

Bleeding radiators

Neglecting to bleed your radiators could force them to work harder, and it means you could end up wasting energy heating nothing.

They might develop cold spots, where air gets trapped inside.

You can use a small valve key which normally cost under £2 from any hardware store.

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Read our round-up of kitchen appliances that add hundreds to your energy bill.

And there’s a whole list of appliances you should be turning off now – read here to make sure you’re not adding to bills.

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