Lauten Audio Announces Second Iteration Of Iconic Black Series Microphones

Lauten Audio announces the V2 release of its award-winning Series Black microphones, including the LA-120 transformerless condenser, LA-220 FET condenser, and LA-320 Tube condenser microphones. Each microphone maintains its critically-acclaimed sound, through-hole circuitry, and custom-crafted Lauten Audio capsule while adding several customer-requested functional and aesthetic improvements.

All three microphones in the Series Black family now feature polished and engraved nickel head-baskets. At the same time, the LA-320 exterior has been completely redesigned — signaling its relationship to Lauten Audio’s flagship Eden LT-386 tube microphone. The smooth, silk-screened labeling found on the classic LA-120, LA-220, and LA-320 has been replaced by hand-filled lettering and now includes a hallmark Lauten Audio inset badge.

In addition to material and aesthetic improvements, the LA-220 and LA-320 microphones also gain a beautifully redesigned, open-face shock mount system that improves isolation, flexibility, and long-term reliability.

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