Democratic Governor Ned Lamont and Republican challenger Bob Stefanowski spoke on the issues affecting businesses and their post-pandemic recovery at the Connecticut Business Industry Association Conference in Hartford.

Stefanowski CBIA.jpg
GOP gubernatorial challenger Bob Stefanowski speaks on his economic recovery plan at the Connecticut Business Industry Association’s conference Friday in Hartford.

Among his objectives, Stefanowski said improving the state’s workforce is a top priority.

“89% of the people in this room think it’s going to get more expensive to do business in Connecticut,” said Stefanowski. “That’s not the way it should be.”

Lamont provided a solution to the CBIA’s business survey on how 85% of businesses cannot find enough workers to fill jobs in fields such as nursing and education.

“We’re providing all this training on our nickel, at our costs to make sure the people are there,” said Lamont.

Both candidates used the CBIA’s platform to discuss other topics such as affordable housing and taxes ahead of the November election.


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