Kim Kardashian Trolled For THIRSTING After Dead Celebrity Items!

Kim Kardashian went to Harvard to teach students how to buy dead celebrities’ jewelry, clothing and memorabilia.


Kim Kardashian Goes To Harvard

She did go to Harvard University on Friday, January 20th, to speak to the illustrious Harvard Business School.

Kim spent two hours talking about SKIMS.

Kim Kardashian Trolled For THIRSTING After Dead Celebrity Items!
Instagram / Kim Kardashian

However, the internet is talking about Kim in a much more hilarious and viral way.

Alright, so the reality TV star turned billionaire business mogul recently purchased an amethyst crucifix necklace that was once worn and owned by Princess Diana.

In 1987, the late Princess of Wales rocked the famously dubbed Attallah Cross at a charity ball in London. The crucifix pendant was designed by the jewelry company Garrard, who loaned the accessory to the late royal. The piece featured beautifully encrusted amethyst gems, diamonds, and gold lining.

Kim Kardashian buys iconic Princess Diana cross at auction

This daring style from the 80s made Diana a showstopper of her generation, making the Attallah Cross an item of significant value. Decades later, Kardashian won the rare diamond-encrusted necklace for $197,453 at the Sotheby’s auction on January 18th.

Fans are absolutely livid that KK was able to get her paws on such a prestigious piece of history.

Kim Kardashian buys iconic Princess Diana cross at auction

Mind you, this isn’t the first time she nabbed a celebrity-owned belonging.

Kim Has A THING For Owning Dead Celebrities’ Belongings

Kim ruffled MILLIONS of feathers at the 2022 Met Gala when she wore Marilyn Monroe’s gold dress she wore while singing “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy.

The SKKN Beauty founder has similarly bid and won items belonging to stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie O, and more. This proves that money can buy a person happiness or at least famous jewelry.

Kim Kardashian on Instagram
Instagram | kimkardashian

Obviously, many people, famous and not famous, have purchased celebrity memorabilia.

But it seems they are sick of Kim getting everything she wants.

“Kim Kardashian” was trending on Friday, January 20th… and it was hilarious!

Many people took to Twitter to make fun of her thirsting after dead celebrity-owned items.

Twitter Trolls Kim’s Fetish For Celebrity-Owned Memorabilia

“Kim Kardashian at the dead celebrities memorabilia store,” one person tweeted along with a “Family Guy” clip.

Another shared a “Tomb Raider” compilation clip with the caption, “Kim Kardashian finding things that used to belong to dead celebrities.”

“Kim Kardashian with dead celebrities’ belongings,” someone else joked.

“Kim Kardashian to North in the celebrity graveyard.”

“Not many people know this but the Egyptians were buried clutching their valuables so that Kim Kardashian couldn’t buy them,”another person tweeted.

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Others took the joking a step further and put a price tag on iconic outfits worn by celebrities who are still alive.

“BREAKING: Kim Kardashian has purchased J. Woww’s iconic yellow halter top for a record breaking $400,000.”

Even YouTube’s The Try Guys got in on the fun.

“BREAKING: Kim Kardashian has purchased Keith’s iconic Bell dress for a record breaking $600,001, TMZ reports.”

Kim doesn’t seem fazed by the online chatter, if anything, she’s living for it and most likely searching for her next dead celebrity-owned item to purchase.

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