Is Nintendo Planning to Announce Switch 2 Soon in 2024 With an Upcoming Marketing Campaign?

Is Nintendo Planning to Announce Switch 2 Soon in 2024 With an Upcoming Marketing Campaign?


Will the new year bring a massive news for Nintendo Switch fans? Going by a recent discovery, it seems like there might be some possibility of the Japanese gaming giant eventually coming up with a crucial update on Switch 2 – the next big successor. At least that’s what an ongoing rumor is suggesting.

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Since the original debut of the Switch, in 2017, it has turned out to be very profitable for Nintendo. Selling over 130 million units worldwide, the console has maintained its popularity despite recent competitions in handheld market. But now it looks to be the best time for Nintendo to announce a new hardware to keep the revenue coming. The question is: will the company finally reveal it in 2024?

A Nintendo Switch 2 advertisement is rumored to be released early in 2024


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A keen observer recently posted an interesting piece of information on Reddit. The user revealed that a company had apparently sought out an actor for its advertisement during the period of October and November 2023. Now, what makes this news intriguing is its wild connection with the rumored Nintendo Switch 2.

In the post, it was written that the company SpecialGun Productions was seeking “an older man aged 30-42” for ‘a new handheld game console.‘ The brief for this ad’s story involved a man named Mike who “wakes up from a coma and is surprised to learn about playing arcade games on a new handheld console”, read a section from the post.

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The Redditor added that SpecialGun Productions has been previously associated with Capcom. The latter happens to be a regular partner of Nintendo. According to the user, currently there seems to be no other upcoming major handheld console besides Switch 2.

“If the Switch 2 is aiming for an early 2024 announcement and later 2024 release, it makes sense the marketing campaign is already underway”, wrote the Redditor while concluding their post.


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Interestingly, the details regarding the ad shoot and its deadline are still available to read on this link. The description clearly mentions that the duration for shooting the commercial was between October 13 and November 1.

Even on the last day of 2023, it looks like there’s no lack of Nintendo Switch 2 rumors for fans before heading into 2024. Not to mention that few days ago, a renowned insider had claimed for an announcement for the console by the Japanese giant. He had posted on X that the device would be announced before Christmas. However, there was nothing to witness as no news was revealed by the company whatsoever.


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All things considered, it appears that Nintendo will reveal the next handheld device when it decided to do so. When it will make it happen is something no one actually knows right now. Hardcore fans will have to be patient while waiting for the right time. Hopefully 2024 will give them a big surprise.

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