Inspiring a love of music and much more

Inspiring a love of music and much more

On his first day as a music teacher at Garden Elementary six years ago, Tim Ferguson said he felt like the “oldest kindergartener” in the school.

After 15 years as an instrumental music teacher and band director in Central New York, Ferguson and his family traded in their snow shovels for beach chairs and relocated to Venice. The change from fourth- through sixth-grade instrumental band director to K-5 general music teacher meant Ferguson had to adapt to not only a new school and new grades, but an entirely new curriculum.

“Out of my comfort zone, I was nervous, but also reinvigorated with the opportunity to learn, grow, and reinvent myself,” said Ferguson. “When it was time to sing, which I had never instructed, I made no secret to my students that I was not winning ‘American Idol’ any time soon, but I wanted to show them that I will always try my best and learn from my mistakes to grow as a musician and a person because that’s what I want them to do.”

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