In Barn for Review: Fezz Audio Alfa Lupi Integrated Amplifier

In Barn for Review: Fezz Audio Alfa Lupi Integrated Amplifier

PCL86 Push Pull Class AB, 2 x 10W. I think that’s poetry.

Fezz Audio was founded in 2016 in Poland but the people behind the company have been making transformers for audio for 3 decades under the Toroidy brand and hold three patents in the field of toroidal transformer design.

The perfectly petite Alfa Lupi Integrated Amplifier rely on a quad of self-biasing PCL86 tubes, a pentode/triode that handles pre/driver and power duties, run in push-pull for a whopping 10 Watts of output power. As you can see, the Alfa Lupi  offers 4 and 8 Ohm speaker terminals to mate with your speakers and three pair of single-ended RCA inputs.

while the Alpha Lupi comes with a tube cage, I’m going to run it nude

The transformers hidden under the black metal hood are from Toroidy, but you probably already figured that out.

Volume control far left, input selector far right. Simple. The review sample has a label top right on the transformer cover that reads, “Legacy Final Edition / No. 042 of 300” so we’re looking at a limited edition.

I happen to have not 1 but 2 pair of speakers in Barn that can live off 10 Watts so I look forward to hearing what less (power) brings.

Fezz Audio Alfa Lupi Integrated Amplifier
Price: $2,395
Company Website: Fezz Audio
North American Distributor Website: Bluebird Music


Tubes : PCL86 x4
Bias: Automatic
Power: 2 x10W
Circuit: Push-Pull Class AB1
Impedance: 4 ohms / 8 ohms
Inputs: 3x RCA
Distortion THD: < 0,3%
Frequency Response: 20Hz-120kHz (-3dB)
Power Consumption: 90W
Dimensions: 340 x 355 x 150mm
Weight: 9,5kg

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