I’m a proud catfish – my makeup skills completely transform my face, people say I’m a work of art

WITH just a few strokes of a makeup brush, one self-proclaimed “catfish” can totally transform her face.

Her followers don’t mind the subterfuge – they agree she’s a work of art with or without makeup.

I’m a proud catfish – my makeup skills completely transform my face, people say I’m a work of art


Orlanne Antignac is a self-proclaimed catfish with serious talentCredit: TikTok/@barbiebridee
Antignac showed viewers how makeup can transform her face


Antignac showed viewers how makeup can transform her faceCredit: TikTok/@barbiebridee

When Orlanne Antignac shared her stunning before-and-after in a series of videos, viewers were impressed by her skills.

In one clip, Antignac showed her lovely face free of makeup, with her hair twisted into a casual bun.

Then, she executed a seamless TikTok transition and showed herself in a full face of makeup.

Her brushed-on eyebrows, lifted lashes, and perfectly-lined lips were framed by face-framing blonde strands.

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In another video, Antignac cleverly used emojis to title her “how to catfish” makeup tutorial.

First, she drew solid, opaque shapes on her eyes’ inner corners with a liquid liner.

Using a black eyeshadow, Antignac extended her outer corners, leaving a thin slice of white space between the two wings.

Then, she added a charcoal-grey liner to the area, giving her eyes more depth.

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Dark, sparkly shadow heled emphasize her eyes’ sparkly blue color.

After cleaning up the area with concealer and adding white highlighter in her inner corners, Antignac grabbed false lashes.

The fluttery falsies completed her look – and her fans went wild.

Viewers were 'obsessed' with Antignac's face – before and after makeup


Viewers were ‘obsessed’ with Antignac’s face – before and after makeupCredit: TikTok/@barbiebridee

“You look almost unreal in the best way possible. Like woah,” one viewer wrote.

Another person decided to argue with the talented poster.

“You’re not a catfish, love,” the fan said. “You’re gorgeous.”

Other commenters were deeply envious of Antignac’s skills.

“I don’t have enough talent for this so I’ll forever be average looking,” they wrote.

Antignac heard countless comparisons to other great works of beauty.

One person simply wrote, “A MONET,” while another said her side profile bore a striking resemblance to Zendaya.

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“I’m obsessed with you,” another fan sighed.

“Bro, imagine being this gorgeous,” wrote a starstruck fan. “OMFG.”

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