I tried a full face of Primark makeup to see if it’s any good – here’s what I rate and what’s not so good

THE rising cost of living has got us all trying to save pennies where we can at the moment. 

But should that apply to our makeup?

I tried a full face of Primark makeup to see if it’s any good – here’s what I rate and what’s not so good


Caitlin was very impressed with Primark’s brow lamination kitCredit: TikTok/@caitlinmuirheadd
Caitlin testing Primark's £4 Primer


Caitlin testing Primark’s £4 PrimerCredit: TikTok/@caitlinmuirheadd

As Brits we’re very particular about what we put on our skin but should we take a risk on budget beauty products?

One makeup influencer Caitlin Muirhead decided to give Primark’s range a go. 

Doing a full face of makeup video at the request of her followers. 

Caitlin started with a brow lamination kit selling for £4. 

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The kit comes with a toothbrush and balm. 

Caitlin said: “Very impressed with this, this is literally £4 for both and it’s done these [her] brows”.

Next Caitlin tried the £4 Primer which has avocado in it. 

Caitlin said: “It smells absolutely beautiful”.

After fully massaging the product into her skin she said “I feel like it’s got rid of some of my pores and texture in my face”.

Caitlin tried the Setting spray next which she said: “has a glowy mist”.

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She said: “It left a really gorgeous glow”. 

Next Caitlin tried Primark’s Perfect Finish foundation in the shade 05 Cashew.

She said: “It also says a medium to full coverage. I’m kind of getting a light cover, not gonna lie.

“This foundation is £2. Look at my skin right now. The glow is still coming through [from the setting spray] which I love”.

Caitlin moved on to contour next with Primark’s cream concealer sticks. 

After applying several strokes to her face she applied the setting spray again.

Which she said: “Helps the cream product melt into the foundation”.

She then blended the contour in with a sponge. 

She said: “Considering these [the cream concealer sticks] are only 90p, they’ve actually blended out really nice”.

Next she moved onto her actual concealer which she said: “Is surprisingly a lot lighter”, than she originally thought. 

Another coat of setting spray.

Caitlin said approvingly: “That concealer has literally melted into my skin”.

Then Caitlin quickly added bronzer.

Next Caitlin tried the Wonder lash mascara she said: “It is clumpy but I prefer Mascara to be like that”.

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Lastly, Caitlin finished with a brown lipstick. 

Caitlin concluded her video by saying: “You would not think that this was just Primark make up. This full face cost me like £23”.

Caitlin blending Primark's Perfect Finish foundation


Caitlin blending Primark’s Perfect Finish foundationCredit: TikTok/@caitlinmuirheadd

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