Broadcaster Huw Edwards has reflected on the example of leadership the Queen set during her historic reign as he announced her death on the BBC.

After an image of the flag at Buckingham Palace was shown at half mast, he told viewers: “A few moments ago Buckingham Palace announced the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”

The national anthem was then played.

Sky News cut to a presenter outside the Palace who confirmed the news that the Queen had died, while ITV cut to the studio to confirm the news – reading the statement from Buckingham Palace.

The BBC broke the news along with other news orgnanisations

Channel 4 cut into their programme to go to the news team, while Channel 5 News broke the news to their viewers. GB News also cut to black before a picture of the Queen came up and they confirmed her death.

CNN cut from adverts to go straight to Buckingham Palace where anchors confirmed the death of the monarch.

ITV has confirmed its scheduling changes for overnight and September 9 following the death of the Queen.


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