How to wake yourself up naturally

How to wake yourself up

If like me you have trouble rolling out of bed in the morning you might be interested in a unique concept created by YouTuber SECTOR 07 which uses a little Arduino hardware to create a more natural way of waking up. If you are looking for a more relaxing way to exit your slumber or how to wake yourself up more naturally this project offers an interesting solution in the form of a headboard that simulates sunrises. Watch the video below to learn more about the project and how it can be used to wake yourself more naturally.

“Consider how our ancestors woke up before artificial lighting came along and humanity was still nomadic, because we haven’t evolved much since then. As the sun started to rise, the sky would transition from black to dark blue and then continue to lighten over the course of an hour or two. That provided people with gradual stimulation to ease them from sleep into wakefulness, which stands in stark contrast to the sudden, blaring alarms that are common today. This headboard simulates the gradual sunrise and an integrated personal assistant brews coffee to give sleepers a little extra incentive to get out of bed.”

How to wake naturally

Simulates sunrises

“Humans rely on the sun to regulate our circadian rhythm or rather our sense of time. It’s how we can guess at the passing of time without ever checking a clock. If you’ve ever been exploring a cave system or have been without light for a few days you may have experienced time differently. It might almost seem like it was all one long day. Without the sun to separate day and night you would have no indication of time passing.

This problem shows itself in lots of strange ways. The most prevalent being sleep. Without the external que of a sunset our body doesn’t realize it’s night and we can have trouble falling asleep. In the same sense, once asleep it may be hard to wake up because our body still has no indication that a new day has arrived. “

How to wake yourself up naturally

If you are interested in building your very own artificial sunrise headboard to help you wake yourself up naturally using your natural circadian rhythm jump over to the Instructables website where the creator of the project has kindly provided full instructions and details on how are you can build your very own.

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