How to Unlock Fast Travel – Saints Row Wiki Guide

How to Unlock Fast Travel – Saints Row Wiki Guide

This page contains information on how to find and unlock fast travel points in Saints Row. Unlike other open world games, you’ll have limited fast travel options when exploring Santo Ileso. Luckily, other spots can be located and unlocked both as places to travel to, and places to respawn when you are killed.

When you first begin Saints Row, you’ll have only your apartment as a temporary headquarters, but by progressing through the story, you’ll form The Saints and take ownership of the large church that becomes both an HQ and a fast travel point. This will also be the main location you will respawn at or load into the game at.


Note: You cannot fast travel to any point once you have started a mission. If you know where a mission is likely to take place (like the Saints HQ), it is advised you fast travel before bringing up your missions list to select a mission!

The good news is that there are more fast travel spots to unlock, but they won’t automatically appear on your map. You’ll have to drive or explore near large landmarks across the city for a marker to appear on your map. They are technically marked as a “Discovery” on your map, and look like a yellow train car symbol. Investigating this map point will note it as a “Fast Travel Photo”.

In order to unlock the Fast Travel Point, you’ll need to reach the marker on your map (as close to the point as possible), and bring up your camera either in the app or by pressing up on the D-Pad. Aim your camera at the large landmark depicted in the map point, and center it until you are given the indication to take the photo. Doing so will turn the Discovery map marker into a purple Fast Travel point that will not disappear from the map, and instead become a location you can fast travel to. This will also serve as a spot to respawn if you are killed nearby – as it will choose the fast travel point you are closest to.

Excluding your Saints HQ, there are four additional fast travel points in the city areas, and one in each desert for a total of six unlockable fast travel points. You can see the full list here, as well as where to unlock them.

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