How to download iCloud photos and videos

download iCloud photos and videos

Following on from our previous article which took you through the process of setting up iCloud Photos, this quick guide will take you through the process of how you can download your original iCloud Photos and videos to your network attached storage, iPhone, iPad or Mac computer. Once you have set up your connection to Apple’s iCloud Photos service any photographs or videos you capture on your Apple hardware will be automatically uploaded to the Apple servers. Keeping a copy safe from harm just in case you might lose your iPhone or MacBook.

If you have run out of storage space in your Apple iCloud account or would just like to download your original photos to back up in an additional location closer to home or hard drive. You will be pleased to know that Apple makes it very easy to download a copy of your photos and videos on any device. It is worth mentioning at this point that any photographs or videos you delete from your iCloud Photos storage will also be deleted across all your other Apple devices using the same Apple ID. This process of deletion will occur even if you have turned on Download and Keep Originals or Download Originals to this Mac. So do not delete your iCloud Photos before backing them up to another storage device or you will lose all your precious memories.

There are several different methods you can use to download videos and photos from your iCloud storage. For instance, you can download photos and video from iCloud using your iPhone or iPad or even iPod Touch and your Apple Mac computer or Windows PC depending on your preferred device. If you have an Apple device, you can also use the Photos application to download a full-size copy of both photos and videos to your iOS device. You can also download photos and videos from shared albums, that you have joined and were created by friends and family.

Download your iCloud photos and videos

Before you start the download process, it is worth making sure that your device is not low on power as the Apple Low-Power Mode will temporarily pause any downloads from iCloud Photos. It is also worth remembering you need a good Internet connection as the videos and photographs may be large.

1. To make a backup of your iCloud videos and photos on your iPhone, iPad or similar go to the Settings application and select your Apple ID name.

2. Then select iCloud > Photos > Download and Keep Originals.

3. This will start the import of your photos and videos to your computer or Apple device

If you are using an Apple Mac computer.

1. Open the Apple Photos app select the photos and videos that you would like to copy.

2. Once your selection is complete, select File > Export

3. Select the folder or drive you would like to store your exported photos and videos to.


On a Windows PC you can use the website to access your photos and videos.

1. Vist the website and login using your Apple ID

2. Once logged in go to Photos and then press Select

3. Choose your photographs you would like to download

4. Once your selection is complete press the More icon of three horizontal dots.

5. Select Download to start your export.

6. Your videos and photographs will be exported in file

Shared Albums – macOS and iOS

This method can also be used to download photographs from the My Photo Stream.

1. Open the Photos application on your iPhone or MacBook computer

2. Select the shared album you would like to export the videos or photographs from

3. On iOS press Select to highlight photos and video you would like to export then use the share option (a square icon with an arrow coming out of the top) to download.

4. On Mac double-click the shared album or right click on a photograph or video and choose Import to save it to your Mac hard drive stop

Shard Albums on Windows

To save and copy iCloud Photos on your Windows PC from Shared Albums first open the iCloud application for Windows. If you do not already have this installed on your PC you can download it from the Microsoft Store by searching for Apple iCloud.

1. Open the iCloud application on your

2. Select Options next to the PhotosWindows PC

3. Make a note of the path listed under iCloud Photos location

4. Open Windows File Explorer and navigate to the path of your photographs

5. Select the photographs you would like to copy or move to another folder on your computer and carry out the process.

If you require further assistance backing up your iCloud Photos and videos it might be worth reaching out to the official Apple support website or booking an appointment with an Apple Genius Bar representative.

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