How to contact Amazon customer service

contact Amazon customer service

If you are an Amazon customer then it may not be one hundred percent clear how to contact their customer service.

This guide is designed to help you easily contact Amazon customer service and get any issues resolved, this can be for purchases on your account, for Amazon devices, general account queries, or anything that you need help with.

What is the best way to contact Amazon customer service?

There is a number of different ways that you can use to get in touch with Amazon, this can be by telephone, live chat, email, or through social media.

Which one is best really depends on your personal needs, some people prefer to speak to Amazon on the telephone, others might want to get their issue resolved via email and some people may want to use the chat feature to get the issue resolved.

How to contact Amazon?

1. Contact Amazon via telephone

One of the ways that many people prefer to contact Amazon is via telephone. This gives you the opportunity to speak to someone in person and explain exactly what your issue is.

If you want to speak to someone on the telephone at Amazon and you are in the USA, then you can telephone them at 888-280-4331. This is the telephone number for the USA. If you are in a different country then you will need to find the contact number of your specific country.

You can also get Amazon to contact you via telephone, this can be done from within your Amazon account in the app or from their website.

To get Amazon to call you select Your Account and then Contact US, select the issue you want to raise, and then select Request a Phone call. Amazon will then telephone you to discuss your issue.

2. Contact Amazon via email

One of the most popular ways to contact Amazon is via email, this is a great way to explain to Amazon exactly what your issue is. You also have a full record of any correspondence between you and any of the Amazon customer services representatives.

This is one of the methods I find the easiest to use as I have a full record of the issue raised with customer service. They are also pretty good at getting back to you via email in a reasonable time to resolve any issues you may have.

3. Contact Amazon via Chat

Another great way to contact Amazon is via their Chat feature on their website or app, this allows you to speak to someone live, without having to speak to them on the telephone.

This is a feature that I have used in the past on a number of occasions, I have found this useful, although it can take a little amount of time to get any issues resolved, depending on how busy their customer service is.

This can be done from your Amazon account by going to their website, making sure you are logged in and then selecting Your Account. You will be given a range of options, the one you want is Contact US.

You are then given a range of options, whether you want to contact them about your orders, payments, account, and much more.

Select the option that is relevant and then you will be prompted to provide more details about the issue, now select Chat with the US and you will be contacted by an Amazon customer service representative via chat.

4. Contact Amazon via social media

You can also contact Amazon via social media like Twitter and other social media platforms, although this may be the least efficient way to contact them.

You can contact Amazon customer service on Twitter via @AmazonHelp, you can then ask them various support questions. This service is available in a wide range of languages which include English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and many more


We hope that you find this guide useful and hope that it will help you get your issues resolved with Amazon customer service.

As we mentioned above there are a number of different ways that you can contact their customer service and get help for any issue you may have. Which one you use really depends on which method of communication suits you best. If you have any comments or questions, please let us know in the comments section below. You can find out more information on how to contact Amazon over at its website.

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