My cats line up outside the bathroom door while I am in there and when I come out they stare at me like they have just voted me off the island.



My cat sucks the blanket when he makes biscuits.



My cat makes weird noises when people sneeze. She also does the same thing when she sees a bug or lizard.



I have a cat, so she’s always catting about being weird. One thing she does is when it’s close to time to give her wet food and she sees me, she’ll take a bite of her dry food and spit them out by me. I think it’s supposed to be a gift, or a strange way to remind me that she wants wet food. She also seems to like “Full Metal Alchemist”, which is an anime show. Any time I put it on, she sits and watches it for like a half hour. I put it on when I’m leaving for work. I think maybe it’s the colors?? I don’t know, but I love my little weirdo!



My cat has a hatred for my mother that burns more than the sun. They hate each other more than anything.



My cat will ask permission to lay down on you. She’s still a cat, so she’ll still lay down on you with a lot of hesitation and then you get judged for not giving her permission. You run you hand down her back to grant her permission to lay down.

My dog has playing tag with wild rabbits has to be the weirdest thing he’s ever done.



My pet cockatiel (his name is rocky he is a cute birb) sometimes my mom forgets to give him clean water (she mainly takes care of him) and then he drinks the dirty poop water cause he decides to poop in it :/



Oh, so many strange things. My dog cuddles pillows. Sleeps on his back with his paws sticking straight up in the air. Rubs himself against people’s legs like he’s a cat. Loves peas, popcorn, and rabbit poop. Burrows himself in blankets on the floor. Refuses to touch water other than for drinking. Vomits if he goes in the car. The list goes on…




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