“He Always Has Make Up on, It’s All Fake”: Giannis Antetokounmpo Leaves Embarrassed Ex-NBA Star Speechless on His Own Show

Giannis Antetokounmpo is putting the NBA world on notice yet again in the current NBA season like he always does. The Milwaukee Bucks superstar has helped his team to the second position in the Eastern Conference through his powerful performances. Amidst all of this, the Greek Freak isn’t wary of having fun. Recently, the Greek superstar showed off his sense of humor to the fans as he trolled his friend and teammate on the latter’s hit cooking show on YouTube.

The Bucks no. 34 decided to take Serge Ibaka by surprise as he called out Ibaka’s need for makeup as long as he was out, during a recent appearance on his show. Subsequently, Ibaka was left embarrassed on the sets of his show How Hungry are You?

Giannis Antetokounmpo trolls his teammate Serge Ibaka on the latter’s hit YouTube show


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Antetokounmpo hasn’t really held out in his performances this season, he decided to do the same on the sets of How Hungry Are You? The Greek Superstar appeared on the hit show a few months ago, which was replete with a lot of banter among teammates. However, a recently released behind-the-scenes footage revealed a little bit more about what went down before the show started

As the Greek freak was having some food prior to the shoot, Ibaka enquired if Antetokounmpo would require some makeup. To which, the Bucks no. 34 turned the question back to his teammate.

Why’s Serge with makeup? So he looks better?” enquired the 2020 NBA MVP, and before Ibaka could gather up an answer, Antetokounmpo interrupted, “He always put makeup on, he’s all fake. Put it out there for the world to know.”

The 2021 NBA Finals MVP went even further to troll his teammate, saying that he does it every morning and at night too. Both teammates share a special bond which is evident by the banter between them. Additionally, the Greek Freak trolled Ibaka for the cooking show as well, mentioning how he’s not a “chef” or an “artist“.


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All these are certainly good signs for the team, as the Bucks squad seems to have a healthy relationship off the court, a necessary trait for champion teams to have, especially since the Bucks are expected to be in the playoffs.


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The Milwaukee Bucks’ dominating 2022-23 season with the Greek Freak 

The Milwaukee side are on a five-game winning streak currently, their best since the start of the season. Antetokounmpo is also dominating the games with an average of 31.8 PPG for the season. In fact, the superstar dropped 34 points against the Charlotte Hornets on Tuesday.

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His groundbreaking seasons over the past 5 years have helped the Milwaukee side a lot, including one championship ring win. 


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