Gadgets: Blueair DustMagnet, Viofo A139 Pro dashcam, Garmin Tacx Neo bike and more

From the February 2023 issue of E&T: tech to beat dust, take on dirty dishes in style, work out indoors and use a wonder material to warm up or cool down.

Blueair DustMagnet 5240i

Gadgets: Blueair DustMagnet, Viofo A139 Pro dashcam, Garmin Tacx Neo bike and more

Swedish, high-performance air purification with a furniture-style design. It collects dust as well as allergens, germs, pollen and pet dander. Techie features include voice and app control and even geofencing, so it saves energy when no-one is home.

From £329

Viofo A139 Pro 3CH


Viofo’s first 4K three-channel, three-camera dashcam. Record front-facing footage in superb 4K HDR resolution, picking up numberplates, plus HD rear footage and HD Carpool Karaoke-style interior footage. The cameras connect wirelessly, so the Viofo can record all three at once.


Doro Tablet and Watch


An Android tablet designed for seniors: high-contrast display, larger icons, streamlined layout, even an app for remote access by family members. The smart watch has a similarly improved user interface. Pair it with a Doro phone and it can send Emergency Response messages too.

£300 and £120



One minute, graphene is the new wonder material. The next, it’s used to make crowdfunded blankets. Graphene is wet-spun to create a fibre, then woven into a blanket for the first time. It’s strong and light, but its party trick is temperature regulation. It can even cool one person while warming another.

From £245

Daan Tech Bob


A cute mini dishwasher for the worktop, just 34cm wide and big enough for a couple’s daily dishes. It can do them in just 20 minutes and has a water tank, so it doesn’t need to be plumbed in. It comes in 12 front colours and you can buy an optional cassette that auto-doses detergent for 30 washes.


Garmin Tacx NEO Bike Plus


An indoor bike that’s accurate, quiet and highly adjustable. Its realistic road feel includes simulated gradients, enhanced virtual shifting, even wind on your face thanks to fans on the handlebars. Follow structured workouts, participate in pro rides and watch immersive Tacx films from stunning locations.


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