Gadget Guy showcases wearable, portable, consumable gadgets – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather

Gadget Guy showcases wearable, portable, consumable gadgets – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather


The Gadget Guy David Novak joined us Tuesday on “Life.Style.Live!” with a few cool gadgets to improve your everyday life.

Here’s more from him:

1. Rainbow FLAT SOCKS – Non-Slip Moisture-Wicking No-Show Socks 


If you want to enjoy your days without having to wear socks, then a great alternative to that would be the Rainbow FLAT SOCKS. These no-show socks are designed similarly to shoe insoles, but instead of replacing your shoes’ insoles, they actually replace your socks! They come in gorgeous colorful stripes that integrate all the hues of a rainbow spectrum, plus black. They also feature a non-slip design that works based on a super grippy textured foam surface which ensures that they don’t budge and sink into your shoe. Best of all, the Rainbow FLAT SOCKS also create a moisture-wicking barrier that helps to prevent your shoes from becoming sweaty and stinky. 

2. Hapbee Smart Wearable – Next-Gen Wearable powered by Digital Wellness Technology 

Around $300, 

If you’re looking to optimize your overall health and wellbeing, as well as improve how you sleep, perform and feel without having to go through the numerous unwanted side effects of ingesting substances like caffeine, melatonin, CBD and many others, then the Hapbee Smart Wearable is your answer. This next-generation wearable is powered by a groundbreaking Digital Wellness Technology that allows the device to generate the ultra-low-frequency magnetic waves of popular consumable substances in order to bring its users the beneficial effects that come from those, but without their body actually ingesting or metabolizing them. Essentially, the device generates tiny magnetic songs that naturally stimulate the bio-receptors in a user’s cells to recreate the same sensations of those previously mentioned substances, all without having to go through any of their unwanted side effects. Users can ultimately fall asleep faster and comfortably stay asleep in a more natural way, thus allowing each user to get the rest they need to feel better, maintain focus throughout each day and increase their overall performance. The device is lightweight, water-resistant, and boasts around 18 hours of battery life. 

3. InfinityLab InstantGo 10000 Wireless – Power Bank w/ 30W PD & Qi Wireless


For quick and powerful device charging, check out the InfinityLab InstantGo 10000 Wireless. This portable power bank is powered by a long-lasting 10,000mAh battery, featuring a USB-C Input and Output port that boasts up to 30W PD 3.0 Fast-Charging Power, a USB-A Output port that can deliver up to 15W Output Charging Power, and a Qi Wireless Charging surface that’s capable of delivering up to 10W of Qi Wireless Charging Power, along with a built-in LED Power-Status Indicator. It also sports Pass Through Charging capabilities, a Smart Power Distribution, and even multiple Automatic Safety functionalities, such as Short-Circuit Protection function, both Over-Charge and Discharge Control Protection, Temperature Control, and more. 

4. Naked Nutrition Line – Naturally-Formulated Protein Foods without Unhealthy Additives 

Starting at $8, 

For healthier alternatives to the typical daily snacks like sugar-filled protein bars, cookies, muffins or biscuits, try Naked Nutrition as a healthy alternative. All food products from Naked Nutrition are naturally formulated only with pure, natural ingredients, consisting either of food products made from pure unflavored proteins with no additives, or flavored-protein food products made only with protein, natural flavorings, and organic coconut sugar. For example, the Naked Protein Cookies are gluten-free protein cookies made with defatted almond flour instead of traditional wheat, packing no more than 5g of sugar, and giving you exactly 10g of grass-fed whey protein and just 210 calories. They can come in one of 3 flavors: Oatmeal Raisin flavor, Chocolate Chip, or Protein Sugar.  Their Naked Fire Shot is an energy supplement wellness shot formulated for daily detox purposes and for an improved immune function, digestion, and cognitive function, as it is solely made with premium natural superfood ingredients, including caffeine from green coffee beans, raw apple cider vinegar, organic Panax ginger root extract, organic ashwagandha, and organic cayenne pepper. Finally, their Naked Shake is a vegan protein shake powder that makes for a much healthier alternative to traditional protein shakes, as it is made with pea protein powder with MCT oil and natural fruit juice, with each serving containing only 5g of sugar and ultimately offering you 20g of protein, 8g of carbs, and 120 calories. These vegan protein powders come in 6 flavors: Chocolate, Lemon Blueberry, Peanut Butter Blueberry, Pumpkin Spice, Strawberry Banana, or Vanilla. 

5. SMOROBOT Tank X11 – Smart Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner for Inground Pools 

Between $800 – $900, 

To keep your inground pool clean without having to spend your own time and energy, as well as to save money and water on unnecessary water-swaps, try the SMOROBOT Tank X11. This smart cordless robotic pool cleaner is designed specifically for inground pools. The unit is powered by a set of three high-speed smart motors, while also integrating a dual ultra-scrubbing brush wheels drive system and a high-end water pump that boasts 188W of suction power. More impressively, it also features an Intelligent Path Planning that allows it to easily cover around 1180 sq.ft. per hour, along with a 10000mAh battery that gives it over 3.5 hours of run time, ultimately making it capable of covering up to 4,100 sq.ft. on a full-charge. Best of all, this smart robotic pool cleaner is fully capable of cleaning and scrubbing your pool’s tiles and waterline, flooring, and even its walls by standing perfectly stable at a 90º angle without ever tumbling over. 

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