Fresh Future Farms will expand to new 20-acre site

North Charleston nonprofit food justice organization Fresh Future Farm (FFF) will scale up its current food production operation with a new 20-acre rural site at a yet-to-be-announced location. 

The nationally recognized organization currently operates as a neighborhood grocery store and cooperative farm. It leases its current location at 2008 Success Street from the City of North Charleston. The site will be fully operational as long as possible, North added, until the city needs the land back. 

“We plan to stay here as long as we can,” she said. 

FFF initiated a Kickstarter campaign in 2019 to raise funds to purchase the Success Street location, but couldn’t come to an agreement with the city. A Jan. 23 Instagram post from FFF said that it has leased the land from the city on a month-to-month basis since October 2022.

“As residents, our commitment to food justice for our North Charleston neighbors has never wavered,” said Germaine Jenkins, co-founder of FFF’s urban operation said. “Kickstarter support in 2019 gave us the financial capacity to buy the Success Street property, but we couldn’t translate community support into an agreement with the city to close. 

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