Forbes Magazine Names 5 TOP Travel Hotspots For 2023

Because there have always been cyclically changing trends in the travel industry, some new options are emerging as potential big winners for leisure travel in 2023. That’s because some once-popular locations are now overbooked and overpriced, while other new places are easier to get to than ever before and offer fantastic new accommodations and attractions.

Without further ado, these are 5 travel hotspots for 2023


Forbes Magazine Names 5 TOP Travel Hotspots For 2023

Fiji is known for its friendliness and hospitality, it boasts a plethora of all-inclusive luxury private island resorts that, while expensive, are frequently far more reasonable than competitors such as the Maldives, offering it another accessible high-end retreat.


best beaches in australia

After slipping off the hot list and experiencing a particularly difficult pandemic shutdown, reenergized passengers learned that the world is smaller and more manageable, and that long-haul travel is more doable. Americans also (finally) enjoy longer vacations, and all of this has contributed to Australia’s resurgence as a top destination to visit in 2023.

Turkey (Türkiye) 

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Türkiye is a large country with very diverse terrain, nature and weather, straddling two continents, Europe and Asia, with much history, important attractions, fantastic hotels and great cuisine, and it continues to attract those who want an exceptional vacation and inexpensive luxury.

Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is little known by Americans but has long enjoyed great popularity among Europeans. Its sizable international airport is the second busiest in Spain. Despite being one of the best cycling destinations in the world, served by all of the leading U.S. cycling and walking tour operators, including Backroads, DuVine and Butterfield & Robinson, the Mediterranean island paradise remained stubbornly off the American radar until recently.


Bhutan has emerged as a new destination for travelers looking for something new. Bhutan, the world’s only Buddhist country, has carved out a very special leisure niche for itself by combining outdoor activities in the world’s highest mountain range, the Himalayas, with luxury.

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