Flim.ai Online Image Library Adds Video Cuts from Music Videos and Ads

Flim.ai Online Image Library Adds Video Cuts from Music Videos and Ads

On top of over 740,000 still images from movies, music videos, advertising, anime, documentaries and TV series, the online image library and search engine Flim will soon offer video cuts. Available in both MP4 and GIF, there will initially be over 80,000 moving clips from ads and music videos. You can now join the waiting list for a free test period. Let’s take a closer look!

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote about the online stills library and search engine, flim.ai. The platform is continuously expanding their library and now includes more than 740,000 stills from movies, music videos, advertising, anime, documentaries and TV series. For searching, Flim.ai uses an AI search engine based on neural network technology (NLP) and computer vision instead of a tags system. One example of another stills platform that uses a tags system is for instance Shotdeck.

The latest update to flim.ai is that the platform will start including video cuts – short moving sequences – on top of stills. Let’s take a look at the details.

Flim.ai – video cuts

Flim offers video cuts. Source: Flim.ai

Although the exact date is not known yet, Flim will be adding video cuts to their database sometime during February 2023 (and we will make sure to update this article once we know more). As the Flim.ai team puts it, this will be the first time a stills database offers this type of content. The platform will start with video cuts from ads and music videos only.

Starting with just over 80,000 clips from 1,500 ads and 1,800 music videos selected by the team, the video cuts will be available in both MP4 and GIF formats, making them easy to use in a wide range of projects.

Flim offers video cuts. Source: Flim.ai

These video cuts make life easier when creating mood boards, mood tapes, or storyboards. Obviously, if you only print storyboards, stills are the way to go. Video cuts may be beneficial, however, if you create mood boards on an iPad to show the desired camera movement right in a clip.

Waiting list and free test period

Prior to the official launch, Flim has set up a waiting list allowing those who join to get a free test period. Access to the pre-launch video cuts database will be granted for free on a first-come, first-served basis. After the official launch of the desktop version, users will have to subscribe to continue using the feature.

It is worth noting that registrations on Flim are only available on desktop, as the mobile version is free and can browse the whole database, but with limited features. All the features such as video cuts, collections and HD images are only available on desktop (for subscribers).

Price and availability

Flim offers a free registered account with “extended limited access”, 3 HD images per day, and unlimited scroll & searches. The paid individual plan unlocks everything and costs €14.90 per month (€12.50 per month when billed annually). They also offer a company plan starting at €17.90 that offers priority customer service and exclusive access to new features.

Flim desktop platform pricing. Source: Flim.ai

Do you use an online stills database for your pre-production workflow? What do you think about flim.ai and the new video cuts feature? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.

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