Finding respite from it all in 1970s television

Finding respite from it all in 1970s television

Reading that Barbara Eden (“I Dream of Jeannie”) recently turned 91 was jarring.

How could that perky blond have reached that age? Had she traded in her filmy attire for compression stockings, polyester pants and orthopedic shoes? If she was that old, her sitcom must have been made during the Middle Ages of television. 

The announcement of her age, the horrors of current news and today’s witless or violent programs sent me time-traveling back to the 1970s in search of old television series. Last week, I went trolling and came across “Columbo” with Peter Falk. His script writers had it pretty easy: They just had to insert these phrases after every fourth paragraph, “Oh, just one more thing,” “Well … that’s true, but you see,” and “You know, you’re right, I had not thought about that.” 

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