Ferncast launches premium Audio Codec Servers • RedTech

Ferncast launches premium Audio Codec Servers • RedTech

Ferncast has introduced a new, premium product into its Audio Codec Servers line. The company says the Redundant products are suited to large-scale multi-format audio streaming and transcoding, adding that the Redundant ACS is the most powerful Audio Codec Server in its lineup. 

According to Ferncast, a single Redundant can manage the audio workload of entire departments. It can support multiple applications such as simultaneous online radio streaming and DVB multiplexing, DAB to streaming, streaming combined with audio on-demand processing, and any other combination broadcasters can imagine. For example, users can turn an OTT machine into a SIP hub, add transcoding to DVB demuxing or upgrade a loudness controller into a podcast processor.

Moreover, Redundant supports an exhaustive list of de/encoder algorithms and transport formats. From classics like Layer 2 and MP3 to more current standards like AAC and Opus (including xHE AAC), FLAC, Linear (16 and 24), G.711 and G.722. Multiple slots for PCIe or USB audio interfaces mean that operators can use their preferred inputs and outputs even in complex combinations or for numerous applications. 

“With the Redundant Audio Codec Server, we cover the real upper class of applications,” says Ferncast CEO Detlef Wiese. “We have customers who need to output more than 1000 different encoded streams and reliable 24/7 operation. The Redundant has the appropriate power and flexibility to do all types of encoding, signal processing, protocoling, and recording according to our customers’ project requirements. The market response to the Redundant is remarkable, and the first installations came almost immediately after the announcement.”

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