Expanding the audio concept into a fully-immersive experience, Subpac brings the feeling of sound and music to the world

Palo Alto, California, USA

Subpac by SubPac is a brand new category of audio hardware that profoundly enhances the traditional media experience by allowing users to actually FEEL sound throughout their body and more specifically for those who are looking to add an extra layer of visceral impact and immersion to the art forms that inspire them.

It can be described as a transformative wearable audio technology that unlocks the power of sound offering a deeper and more accurate connection to music, faster reaction times in gaming, and completing the VR experience by immersing your body in the action.

Giving a transformative experience, it immerses the users in sound through proprietary technology and vibrotactile materials that comfortably contour to each one’s body.

Considering sound as a universal instrument of healing and connection, Subpac offers high-fidelity audio, giving the most immersive personal media experience, everywhere.

Additionally, the Subpac team has worked with many of the world’s top music producers, from hip-hop/pop legend Timbaland to the underground inventors of the dubstep and EDM genres in the world, to create for the first time in the world musical works that can equally be appreciated by those who are deaf and those who hear.

With an emphasis on the feeling of the music, Subpac’s extended bottom-end range exists below the hearing range in the felt physical dimension of sound, creating a unique and impactful way to experience an embodied musical narrative that can be enjoyed by all.

Project: Supbac
Designers: SUBPAC Inc.
Manufacturers: SUBPAC Inc.

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