Dr. Ladapo shows weird logic in Nova talk

While Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo’s notorieties could fill an Excel spreadsheet, he just added a new one for sheer insensitivity in a recent talk to students of Nova Southeastern University’s Health Professions Division.

After rambling through his life story for more than 20 minutes, Ladapo turned to his wife’s cooking expertise, emphasizing her preference for using a gas stove. He acknowledged the health concerns of the release of respiratory irritants from gas stoves that can exacerbate asthma, especially in children.

But rather than advocate for replacing gas stoves with non-polluting electric stoves, he said people should simply open their windows.

In addition to the medical irresponsibility of this statement, Ladapo’s recommendation would further harm socio-economically disadvantaged and other populations living in areas where the air quality outside is worse than indoors. Another erroneous aspect of Ladapo’s logic, or lack thereof, is that gas stoves contribute to global warming far more than electric stoves.

Once again, the surgeon general poses a public health threat to the Floridians he’s supposed to be protecting.

Robert C. Speth, Ph.D., Davie

Every time a fatality occurs with a vehicle or pedestrian and a Brightline train, like recently in Aventura, the driver or walker is blamed.

But was it really their fault?

My friend and I were enjoying a day on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. We stepped off a curb to cross the tracks, the moment the warning bells rang and gates lowered, nearly hitting our heads and trapping us between two crossing gates. Grabbing each other’s hands, we ran for our lives as the train whooshed by. There was no advance warning; no time to think until it was almost too late.

Dr. Ladapo shows weird logic in Nova talk

Warning signals, likely calibrated for freight trains or traditional passenger trains that travel half the speed of Brightline are simply ineffective with this high-speed train. Let’s reassess — and save lives.

Susan Kutchin Pallant, Boca Raton

Nobody, other than overly-biased liberal politicians, cares about the work of the Jan. 6th committee. Absolutely nobody.

The committee was doomed from the beginning when Nancy Pelosi broke with 200-plus years of House rules and refused to allow Kevin McCarthy to choose the Republican members. The committee immediately lost all credibility. They could have written their report without wasting time with actual hearings. Yawn.

Burt Long, Sunrise

I’m constantly amazed by how many letters you publish from people who are so discontented with Gov. Ron DeSantis and bestow upon him the title of fascist, dictator, Orwellian despot, etc. The puzzling part is how DeSantis was re-elected so easily.

I guess all the intelligent and reasonable people live only in South Florida. Maybe they should start a GoFundMe page to build a wall separating us from all the yahoos living upstate. What say you, Sun Sentinel editorial board?

Osvaldo Valdes, Hollywood

With Republicans in control of the House, they are intent on finding, with Sean Hannity’s encouragement, how institutions like DOJ, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and even Dr. Anthony Fauci have undermined democracy. They will spend their time investigating how these institutions were “weaponized,” in their word of choice, against their interests.

Where’s the outrage when Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend got $50,000 per speech? Or when foreign governments overspent at Trump hotels? Or when our former leader boasted that he can grab women by their private parts, shoot someone “on Fifth Avenue” without any consequences, or pay no income taxes because he’s “smart”?

I believed my own eyes and ears when I watched the Capitol riot. Trump sent the crowd there, then called them off after death, damage and a frightening display where the government was almost toppled. We must focus on moving this country forward with a bold agenda, which we have not seen yet.

Jim Infantino, Delray Beach

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