Downtown is home to 10 murals. An audio tour offers a new way to experience them. | Casper

Visit Casper, Natrona County’s Travel and Tourism Council, created a new dial-in audio tour for Casper’s murals.

So far, it includes 10 murals contributed by three different artists. Visit Casper plans to add more in the future.

The council wanted to give visitors a new way to engage with the city, Visit Casper spokesperson Tia Troy said.

“Murals are kind of an ever-growing attraction for destinations throughout the entire country,” she said.

During the tour, artists share the stories behind the murals, how they designed the pieces and what the paintings mean to them.

Visit Casper worked closely with artist Tony Elmore to put together a list of all the murals in the city, Troy said.

Eight of 10 works in the audio tour are Elmore’s — including a mural honoring Rev. James Reeb, a Casper-grown civil rights activist who was killed by segregationists while participating in the Selma-Montgomery marches of 1965.

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The mural wasn’t meant to focus on Reed himself, Elmore says in the audio tour, “but rather his impact and his legacy of standing up for the underserved.”

The piece, completed in 2019, depicts Reeb linking arms and marching with civil rights leaders Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Annie Cooper, Jimmy Lee Jackson, Rev. Orloff Miller and Rev. Clark Olsen. Mini scenes depicting Reeb’s life and legacy trail behind them.

You can find it on Center Street between Second Street and Midwest Avenue.

Another mural included in the tour is “Prometheus Bound” by artist Roy Uptain.

Located behind the Nicolayasen Art Museum, the mural is a nod to the Prometheus statue in front of the Natrona County library just across the street.

In the audio tour, Uptain calls the piece a “contemporary interpretation” of the Prometheus myth — more specifically, a commentary on Wyoming’s history.

Prometheus is regarded a hero for stealing fire from Mount Olympus and giving it to humankind, Uptain says, but “promethean rebellion isn’t always a good thing.” The piece portrays that through images of Wyoming’s industrialization and the impact the “pursuit of power” has on people, he says.

The mural tour is live 24-hours-a-day, so people can participate whenever they want, at their own pace.

To start the tour, check out Visit Casper’s mural map, located on its website, Dial 307-224-2469, and plug in each mural’s location codes on the map to begin listening.

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