Donna D’Errico Shows Off Her ‘Sexy’ And ‘Weird’ Legs

Actress Donna D’Errico is showing off her toned legs to the world, even though she describes them as both “weird” and “sexy.”

On Thursday morning, the “Baywatch” star took to Instagram to share a photo of her sitting on her couch in a skimpy white top while showing off her legs.

‘Baywatch’ Babe Donna D’Errico Flaunts Toned Legs, Calls Them ‘Cedar Trees’

Donna D’Errico Shows Off Her ‘Sexy’ And ‘Weird’ Legs
Instagram | Donna D’Errico

In her latest Instagram post, the “Frank and Penelope” actress shared a single snap that featured her sitting on a plush gray couch. She is wearing a tiny white tank top with a plunging neckline and has a long-sleeve white shirt pushed down around her elbows. Her long, manicured nails are wrapped around one leg, which she has drawn into her chest. The other sits cross-legged by her side.

“I have short, thick, powerful legs that are pretty much the same thickness from top to bottom. I call them my cedar trees. I’ve never seen anyone else with legs like mine,” she wrote in the caption. “They’re not the legs of a model, so thank goodness I’m not one. They’re just part of how I’m made. They’re unique. Odd. Powerful. Curious. A bit weird. And, in my opinion, sexy as h*ll.”

Fans Assure Donna That Her Lean Legs Look Fantastic!

Donna D'Errico in lacy lingerie
Instagram | Donna D’Errico

She wrapped up her post adding, “Kind of like me! Have a beautiful day everyone! Embrace all your unique weirdness.” She also encouraged her fans to check out her OnlyFans page, closing off her post with the hashtag #linkinbio.

Many fans had nothing but love for her photo and positive caption. “It’s not weirdness. It’s awesomeness. And you are an awesome person Lady Donna. Stay happy and stay safe,” one fan wrote. “Don’t think anyone would ever think those legs are anything but fire,” another follower chimed in. “You will always be sexy as h*ll,” a third fan agreed.

“Model or not you are great the way you are! Rock on!” another follower commented. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with your legs. They are sexy AF,” another fan agreed. “They look great to me! Besides, what others think is only their opinion. All that matters is your own opinion,” another follower added.

Donna Says The Supportive Comments On Her Instagram Page Have Brought Her To Tears!

Donna D'Errico at the Frank and Penelope - Los Angeles Premiere

Last July, the 54-year-old actress spoke to Fox News Digital about the criticism she has gotten on her appearance only a few weeks after her Fourth of July bikini video went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Although she thought she was having fun sharing a video of her Fourth of July celebration with her followers, her video was quickly flooded by trolls who told her she was “too old” to wear a bikini. The backlash later prompted Donna to join OnlyFans that summer.

Donna D'Errico
Instagram | Donna D’Errico

“Once upon a time I used to allow what others thought of me to really bother me and even dictate my actions,” she said at the time, noting that it was usually women who had negative comments to make about her body.

“Strangers in public or haters online, so many women just seem to love tearing other women down. It affected me pretty badly over time,” she continued. “No matter how great I felt about how I looked when I left the house if I got photographed while out I’d be absolutely torn to shreds by mostly women making fun of everything about me in online comments.”

Donna D'Errico at the 'No Safe Spaces' Premiere

Although the former Playboy Playmate admitted that she does take things personally from time to time, she also said that she finds it easier to ignore the hate than she used to.

“Life is shorter than you realize and there will always be someone with something rotten to say so just go have fun and don’t hurt anyone and do stuff that makes you happy,” she said. “I am so blown away by all the supportive comments on my post on Instagram. It seriously has brought me to tears.”

Donna D'Errico in silky red lingerie
Instagram | Donna D’Errico

In another recent Instagram post, Donna put on a very steamy display in BDSM and bondage lingerie as she teased “50 Shades of Donna. The sexy snap left many of her followers speechless! Fans can check out that Instagram post by clicking here!

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