Ever wonder if something you’ve seen trending on Beauty Tok is actually true or just a myth? In BAZAAR Beauty Busters, we speak with top makeup artists, dermatologists, aestheticians, and others to dispel or validate viral social media hacks and treatments. We also break down commonly asked beauty questions, plus feature tips and product recommendations straight from the experts.

Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal is a true beauty industry veteran. With several decades of experience, which includes her namesake brand Mally Beauty, Roncal has amassed a high level of expertise—making her a trusted makeup artist for celebrities like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez.

In this installment of BAZAAR Beauty Busters, Roncal debunks the myth that a flawless makeup look can be achieved only by using brushes, sponges, or other tools. While applying your foundation, concealer, or eye shadows of choice with a tool is certainly less messy, TikTok beauty influencers and makeup artists have made finger-first application an ongoing trend, one that Roncal wholeheartedly embraces and swears by.

Follow along with the expert below as she shares her pro-application tips for using your hands to create an even and seamless makeup look. Watch the artist at work here or directly on Harper’s BAZAAR‘s TikTok page.

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And if you’re looking to create your own tool-free look at home, check out some of these Mally-approved product picks.

Does a Flawless Makeup Look Require Brushes? An Expert Weighs In
Mally Beauty Positive Color Lip & Cheek Stick Duo
Credit: QVC
The Best Eyeshadow
Jones Road Beauty The Best Eyeshadow
Credit: Jones Road Beauty
Evercolor Shadow Stick
Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Stick
Credit: QVC
Face Defender Home and Away Kit
Mally Beauty Face Defender Home and Away Kit
Credit: QVC
Stressless Liquid Foundation
Mally Beauty Stressless Liquid Foundation
Credit: QVC
The Cheek Bump Seamless Blush
Mally Beauty The Cheek Bump Seamless Blush
Credit: Mally Beauty
Plush Pen Brightening Concealer Duo
Mally Beauty Plush Pen Brightening Concealer Duo
Credit: QVC
Power Mist Hydrating Hand Sanitizer
Touchland Power Mist Hydrating Hand Sanitizer
Credit: Sephora


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