Digital Network Solutions certifies Just.Cash cryptocurrency for independent ATMs

Digital Network Solutions certifies Just.Cash cryptocurrency for independent ATMsImage provided by Adobe.

Digital Network Solutions, an ATM transaction processing service provider, has certified the Just.Cash cryptocurrency program to allow independent ATM deployers to offer redemption of bitcoin for cash and sell bitcoin using debit on their ATMs, according to a press release. The service will begin in March.

Recently recapitalized by a group of investors led by the Heller Capital Group, Just.Cash offers bitcoin sales at the ATM via debit card or with cash using the Hyosung X-10 side car.

Just.Cash-enabled machines also have the ability to allow ATM users to turn their cryptocurrency back into cash. Additional functionality offered by Just.Cash includes cardless transactions deployers can leverage to lower cash costs and risk for cash-based businesses.

“One of the biggest benefits of using Just.Cash is that it can be remotely enabled on any DNS terminal so IADs can immediately start earning additional income from their ATMs without having to make a site visit,” Kirk Barrett, general manager at Just.Cash, said in the press release. “It’s also super easy for ATM users. There is no need for customers to download apps, set up a wallet or get preapproved because their bitcoin purchase is printed directly on the receipt. The consumer simply scans the universal QR code on the receipt to add it to any bitcoin wallet.”

“But perhaps the biggest benefit to our customers is Just.Cash’s Flex-Fees system which allows IADs to choose how much they want to charge,” DNS President John Willmon said in the press release. “Fees can be set at the same rate across the entire fleet or changed remotely anytime on just a handful of high-performing ATMs.”

Just Cash’s bitcoin services are currently available on Hyosung SE class C or V versions 06.02.02 or higher and all Triton retail ATMs.

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