Cummins launches program for Black students to develop tech skills

Cummins launches program for Black students to develop tech skills

Cummins Inc., celebrated the launch of a program at Arsenal Technical High School that aims to help get students into high-paying jobs.

Cummins TEC: Technical Education for Communities specifically helps Black students learn skills for good jobs, said Tracy Embree, vice president and president of Cummins’ Distribution Business.

“Businesses around the world are experiencing critical shortages of skilled technical workers; there are also significant gaps in soft skills such as problem-solving, analytical ability and the proper attitudes and belief systems necessary for job success, and Cummins Tec wants to expose and train youth to fill these gaps,” she said.

Governor’s workforce cabinet recommends funding new programs

Cummins and other companies and organizations, such as Allison Transmission and Ivy Tech Community College, donated equipment and tools to the school to provide students with hands-on experience.

The program is the latest in a number of corporate initiatives undertaken to expand the pool of applicants. Last year, Eli Lilly and Co., announced it’s putting nearly $100 million into Purdue University scholarships for students interested in careers at its company.

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