CreativePro Conversations: Streamlining Your Marketing Collateral Workflow with BrandingUI

In this CreativePro Conversation, David Blatner has a chat with Mark Hilton, co-founder and CEO of Santa Cruz Software, the group behind BrandingUI. Mark gives an overview of how this collaborative workflow portal allows designers to create campaigns that others can update and distribute when needed. This alleviates designers having to spend so much time making tiny tweaks to marketing pieces and allows for compliance and parity across all pieces in a campaign.

Specializing in software development for cross media content publishing, digital media, and mobile applications, Santa Cruz Software serves creative clients worldwide. Along with BrandingUI, Santa Cruz Software also offers LinkrUI for linking assets via DAM and synchronized across Adobe products.

CreativePro Conversations is a new video series which brings together creative professionals from a variety of fields to talk about design, communication, efficiency, learning, and how to get the work done.

Some of these conversations come from interviews presented at our online and live events and some are informal discussions among peers. But every CreativePro Conversation focuses on one thing: how to help organizations and individuals thrive, by design.

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