Cramer’s lightning round: I like ABM Industries

Dow Inc: “I want you to hold on. … Keep it at a 5% yield, buy some more if it goes 5.5%.”

ABM Industries Inc: “Talk about a boring facilities management company that I like so much. You’ve got a real winner there.”

Lockheed Martin Corp: “People are worried about the Republicans and defense budget. I’m worried about the Ukrainians and defending them, and I think Lockheed Martin plays a key role.”

Dynavax Technologies Corp: “As long as you understand that this is a speculative stock and you could lose some money in it, it’s fine by me.”

MPLX LP: “I like the company. I like the cash flows. I like the pipelines.”

Enphase Energy Inc: “I think Enphase Energy is the perfect way to be able to play the Inflation Reduction Act.”

Cramer's lightning round: I like ABM Industries

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