Convert 2D images into 3D scenes

Convert 2D images into 3D

If you would like to speed up your workflow and convert 2D images into 3D virtual reality scenes you might be interested to know that NVIDIA Instant NeRF might be to help. Designed to provide a rendering tool to transform a set of static 2D images into 3D scenes, NVIDIA has now made the application available in virtual reality. Offering the ability to immerse yourself in 3D creations thanks to the latest update to NVIDIA Instant NeRF.

Instant NeRF was given the title of “top invention of 2022” by TIME Magazine and removes the time-consuming workflow that has traditionally been associated with converting 2D images into 3D scenes. Check out the quick demonstration video below for an example of what has been created converting 2D images into 3D environments.

With Instant NeRF in VR, users can rapidly create virtual scenes using 2D images. Using advanced rendering techniques including foveation, dynamic scaling, NVIDIA DLSS, and, optionally, a second GPU, creators achieve desired frame rates and resolution targets across a wide range of budgets. Named by TIME Magazine as a top invention of 2022, Instant NeRF provides a glimpse into the future of photography, 3D graphics, and virtual worlds.”

Convert 2D images into 3D

“Now with the addition of VR, users can render these scenes from static images and virtually step inside the environment, moving freely inside the 3D space. Creators can use almost any image—whether from the real world or rendered—as source content. NeRFs can be created using images and video captured on smartphones, or rendered images and screenshots captured from games, design applications, and more. “

“Instant NeRF in VR comes with the capability to clean up scenes easily in VR, making the creation of high-quality NeRF more intuitive than ever before. With precompiled executables now available, the creation of your own NeRF has become accessible to even more people.”

Source : NVIDIA

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