Casey Affleck Has A Weird Reason He Didn’t Go To His Brother’s Wedding

Casey Affleck Has A Weird Reason He Didn’t Go To His Brother’s Wedding


By Matthew Creith
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When it comes to recent wedding news, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck may be taking the proverbial wedding cake. Having been previously engaged before marrying other people, the two reconnected in recent years to walk down the aisle of love in Las Vegas. Over the weekend, Lopez and Affleck decided to throw a lavish pseudo-wedding to celebrate their nuptials in front of friends and family. Still, unfortunately for the happy couple, there were some no-shows. One particularly noticeable absence from the wedding was Ben’s brother Casey Affleck, whose response to why he missed the ceremony is quite head-scratching.

According to a report by CinemaBlend, Casey Affleck did not attend Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding due to the fact that the younger brother fell asleep. The Manchester By the Sea actor was in Los Angeles at the time of the marriage rather than at his brother’s sprawling 87-acre estate in Savannah, Georgia where the wedding took place. He confirmed his whereabouts to a reporter who found him in Los Angeles, although it is not certain whether Casey Affleck was expected at his brother’s wedding in the first place. He has since come up with another excuse that hasn’t landed well with the media, although he wasn’t the only famous face absent from the high-profile wedding.

Since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck officially tied the knot in Las Vegas earlier last month, their wedding in Georgia was meant for those who could not attend the intimate gathering they chose to have in Sin City. People reports that Casey Affleck actually missed his brother’s wedding due to parental obligations that kept him in Los Angeles, rather than the “asleep” comment he gave the reporter. The wedding, however, was attended by many famous names, which included Affleck’s best friend and frequent collaborator Matt Damon, director Kevin Smith, and actor Jason Mewes, among others. According to Page Six, Leah Remini was also nowhere to be seen at the wedding, despite her close and personal friendship with the Marry Me singer.

Casey Affleck and brother Ben have costarred in several projects together, most notably their breakout hit Good Will Hunting, which Ben Affleck co-wrote with Matt Damon. Damon and the elder Affleck were honored with the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for their work on Good Will Hunting in 1998 before Affleck won another Oscar as a producer on Argo. On the other hand, Casey won an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his stunning portrayal of a grief-stricken loner in 2016’s Manchester By the Sea. This led to some controversy the year he won as the actor was embroiled in the #MeToo moment of the era, according to Time. Since then, Casey Affleck has divorced his wife, Summer Phoenix, the sister of a friend and former collaborator Joaquin Phoenix. Both Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck appeared in To Die For alongside Nicole Kidman and Matt Dillon. They went on to work together again on the mockumentary I’m Still Here, in which Phoenix starred and Affleck directed.


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