It’s a TransUnion unit that calls itself “a leader in identity resolution,” providing the data and technology that connect brands and consumers. And, it has just signed a partnership with the nation’s top audio content creation and distribution company. It’s a move that brings broadcast radio to Neustar.

The agreement widens Neustar’s marketing product, the Neustar Unified Measurement Solution, to include the iHeartMedia broadcast radio arm.

Neustar claims to be the first attribution service to unify the measurement of radio with all other channels into one platform. ”This innovation provides critical insights into the incremental contribution the massive reach of broadcast radio has on consumer purchase behavior,” Neustar says.

The inclusion of radio in Neustar’s measurement product makes it unique, as that no others integrate iHeart radio engagement data.

“The scale and effectiveness of broadcast radio is undeniable,” said Brian Kaminsky, Chief Data Officer and President of Revenue Strategies at iHeartMedia. “Now with Neustar, we are able to offer brands a new level of granular user-level consumer analysis, to ensure that all media channels –including broadcast radio, are used to optimize their marketing plans and drive the results they are seeking.”

The partnership was first announced at iHeartMedia’s AudioCon 2022 conference

Joe Pagano, VP of Consulting Services at Neustar, commented, “By adding broadcast radio at scale to our current streaming audio measurement capabilities, we’ve completed the audio measurement picture.”


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