Audio Physic unveils new high-end Avantera floorstanding speakers

Audio Physic isn’t exactly a household name, but the German brand has built up an impressive reputation for building elegant, muscular loudspeakers packed with interesting tech.

Its latest release? The revamped Avantera floorstanders, which incorporate a host of premium tech from the firm’s flagship Cardeas, most notably PowerTrain ‘centreless drivers’. These are said to “transfer kinetic energy” more efficiently, resulting in “outstandingly natural music reproduction”. Nice.

The Avantera also sport a reworked HHCT III+ tweeter, which is supposedly “completely decoupled” by way of its mechanically isolated mounting plate. The Double Surround bass/midrange drivers, meanwhile, do away with the conventional ‘spider’ to ensure “room-filling low-frequency reproduction”.

Audio Physic Avantera

(Image credit: Audio Physic)

Construction is just as high-tech thanks to the “multi-sandwich enclosure”, which is comprised of “a honeycomb structure covered with either a glass-elastomer or wood veneer panel-elastomer composite”. Even the cabinet struts are made using ceramic ‘foam’ (almost as hard as diamond, apparently) to further reduce any unwanted vibrations.

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