Arizona nonprofits say economy makes fundraising more difficult

Arizona nonprofits say economy makes fundraising more difficult

Donations to many Arizona charities dipped in 2022, but it’s been no surprise to fundraisers watching inflation, gas prices and an unstable stock market eat into the amount donors are able to give.

The 2022-23 Season for Sharing campaign hasn’t been immune to the trend. As of last week, donations lagged about 10% year over year. The campaign continues through Jan. 31.

“The downturn of the economy is starting to have an impact on individual donations,” said Aimee Runyon, CEO of the Assistance League of Phoenix, which provides students with shoes and other clothing through its Operation School Bell initiative.

“The unfortunate thing is that the economic conditions have also created a higher need for services.”

Last year, Season for Sharing raised $1.8 million and − because The Arizona Republic covers all administrative costs − gave 100% of it away to 164 nonprofits that help older adults, struggling families, students and teachers. Since it began in 1993, Season for Sharing has raised $72 million for groups statewide.

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