Ariana Grande Didn’t Receive Special Celebrity Treatment When She Attended This Iconic Restaurant

As a former child star, Ariana Grande grew up in a world where most people have always looked at her differently. In some ways, being treated like a star sounds awful considering that Grande has habitually been followed by the paparazzi for years, and she has to deal with being asked questions that offend her during interviews.

On the bright side, there is no denying that Grande has gotten to enjoy the advantages of being a beloved star. Most obviously, Grande’s fame has allowed her to become very wealthy and she even makes a fortune from sponsored Instagram posts.


In a strange twist, lots of celebrities have talked about how people started giving them free stuff once they got rich. Just like her peers, there is no doubt that Grande typically gets special treatment in her day-to-day life.

As a result of Grande’s superstar status, one of the ways she usually gets treated special is that most restaurant owners would bend over backward to make her happy. However, as it turns out, when Grande went to an iconic restaurant one night, she was treated just like every other customer for a hilarious reason.

Why Was Ariana Grande Treated Like She Wasn’t Famous At Wolfgang Puck’s Restaurant?

In this day and age, it sometimes feels like anyone who knows how to cook and has a few thousand social media followers starts calling themselves a celebrity chef. On the other hand, there are some chefs who not only deserve to be called celebrities, they earned the right to be labeled a legend.

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Certainly an example of a chef that often is called a legend, Wolfgang Puck is such a big deal in the culinary world that he has become iconic. Thanks to how universally respected Puck is, there is no doubt that lots of celebrities and non-famous people alike want to try his food.

Wolfgang Puck and his wife Gelila Assefa on the red carpet
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On Instagram, there are lots of posts of photos that were taken at Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel Air since trying the celebrity chef’s food is such a big deal that people want to celebrate that moment. If you look up photos with that label, you will find lots of images that include celebrities.

Considering that it is obvious that lots of stars dine at Puck’s iconic restaurant, it would be understandable if the establishment didn’t give them any kind of special treatment. With that in mind, it may not seem that remarkable that when Ariana Grande dined at Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel Air, she wasn’t treated like a celebrity.

Ariana Grande
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When a documentary about Puck was being released on Disney+ in 2021, the celebrity chef spoke to Insider. During that interview, Puck spoke about Grande not getting any kind of special treatment at his restaurant and the funny reason that was the case.

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“You know, every day I make new memories. The last one was last week. There was a table of young people — girls and boys and everybody — and I talked to them; I thought that maybe they were in school or in college or whatever.”

As Puck, went on to reveal, he even commented on the fact that the patrons at the table he was referencing weren’t in school and he asked them for ID. “Oh, no school today, you are all out celebrating.” “They were drinking, too!”

Finally, Puck stated that after the table of guests asked him for a photo, someone else revealed that one of them was a world-famous singer.

“I said OK,” he told Insider. “So I go back — you know, I’m always polite, people like a picture — and then they said, ‘Oh, this is Ariana Grande,'”

Once Puck found out who his guest was, he also was told that Grande wanted to do something special with him. In yet another hilarious twist, Puck says he declined Grande’s offer even after he knew who she was. However, Puck did make it seem like he was open to doing something else special with Grande at that point.

Ariana Grande On Stage
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According to Puck, the same person who told him Grande was at the table went on to say “‘she wants to take you to a karaoke place and sing!'” In response, Puck said “‘Well, I think I’d take her in the kitchen and teach her how to cook probably before [I’d do karaoke].'”

Why Ariana Grande Doesn’t Like A Normal Celebrity

In 2015, Ariana Grande got wrapped up in one of the biggest controversies of her career. When Grande and a friend went into a donut shop one night, the pop star was caught on camera saying things about America that offended many people. Worse yet, Grande licked a donut that she didn’t buy, leaving it there for an unknowing customer who came later to buy.

Dalton Gomez puts his arm around wife Ariana Grande by the pool
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Unsurprisingly, when footage of that incident went public, many observers were outraged by Grande’s behavior at that time. In the aftermath, Grande posted a lengthy apology on social media which seemed sincere. However, that incident alone caused some people to believe the young singer is a diva ever since.

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While there is no excuse for Grande’s behavior during that incident, what adult didn’t act like a jerk a few times when they were growing up? With that in mind and the way that Grande often comes across, it is fascinating to see that in a lot of ways, Grande seems much more down to Earth than many of her peers.

First off, it is worth noting that when Wolfgang Puck treated Grande like an average Joe, she didn’t get upset or throw a hissy fit. Instead, Grande took everything in stride and even inquired if Puck wanted to socialize with her.

Ariana Grande on the red carpet
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Another indication that Grande seems to be a lot more down to Earth than many people think is the relationship she has cultivated with fans. Instead of keeping her fans at an arm’s length like a lot of stars, Grande has notably done things like communicate with some fans through DMS and askd her fans to weigh in on her new music.

As a result of how much more Grande embraces her fans than most other stars, Showbiz Cheatsheet even published an article titled “Ariana Grande Has The Weirdest Connection With Her Fans”.

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