All the weird and wacky moments from the election campaign

All the weird and wacky moments from the election campaign


Very soon, it’ll be time to bring the 2023 election campaign trail to a close, but it hasn’t been without its funny (and sometimes downright strange) moments.

The month leading up to the election always offers up interesting moments as politicians get out and about, coming up with new, unique ways to get a buzz around their names.

Christopher Luxon, leader of the National Party, got his hands dirty as he learned how to milk a goat. He rated his effort a 3/10, a comparable result to his pint pouring.

Labour's Chris Hipkins go-karting in Hutt Valley

Chris Hipkins, Labour Party leader, showed off his competitive side as he raced around the go-karting track, taking out the top spot.

He also got his groove on, learning a viral TikTok dance, but the former Covid-19 Response Minister had to sit out nearly a week of the campaign due to, ironically enough, Covid.

Political campaigns are rarely without their disruptors along the way, and this year, the prize was taken by Karl Mokaraka from Vision NZ.

Christopher Luxon milks a goat.

He tried to steal the spotlight from several politicians, including Christopher Luxon, David Seymour and Winston Peters, determined to get his message across.

But this wasn’t the only disruption to Seymour’s campaign. During a media conference in Christchurch, two protesters interrupted and refused to leave, instead proceeding to stand behind Seymour while he spoke, holding a sign in protest behind him.

Two young women interrupted the ACT leader’s appearance in Christchurch today.

When asked what is one thing voters don’t know about you, Greens co-leader Marama Davidson revealed she can play a “pretty mean one-chord strum on the guitar”. But that wasn’t the only hidden talent from the Greens, as co-leader James Shaw apparently can make a pretty good cup of coffee.

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