AI-powered startup The Live Green Co – a tech ‘enabler’ for broader food industry

Founded in 2018 by Sasikanth Chamalaudi (COO) and Priyanka Srinivas (CEO), Boston-based The Live Green Co​​ – backed by DRADS Capital (which led a $7m pre-series A round in Jan 2022) – has operations in the US, Chile, India, and Singapore, and is building its precision fermentation capabilities in India at its R&D hub.

The project was initiated by researcher Archana Nagarajan and is now led by Dr. Kavish Kumar Jain, a former principal scientist at Perfect Day with experience working with multiple microbial hosts in submerged and solid-state fermentation.

‘There’s a huge need to tailor the machinery of other fungi…’

The new division is working closely with the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotech (ICGEB) and is exploring a range of ingredients including – but not limited to – proteins, Chamalaudi told FoodNavigator-USA.

We have about 100 liters of fermentation capacity, but we also have partnerships with ICGEB and a few CROs ​[Contract Research Organizations] that can take us up about 300 liters, and by then we would need to scale the facilities for commercial production, which is why we are working in partnerships with established companies who can take this to the next level.”

Unlike Perfect Day, which uses precision fermentation to make animal proteins such as whey without cows, The Live Green Co will initially work with Charaka to identify plant components with specific target properties, and then express them in engineered microbes so that CPG partners can make ‘plant-only’ products, he said.

“There are several reasons we got into precision fermentation,”​ said Chamalaudi. “One is that there are almost 450,000 plants in nature, but modern science has only explored 1-2% of them, and most of the recommendations our AI ML platform ​[Charaka] gives are not readily available in a commercial form, so precision fermentation helps us synthesize them in a scalable way​.”

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