A second-year ascent from Jaguars’ QB Trevor Lawrence should be expected

A year after what many thought would be the most anticipated Jaguars season in well over a decade, which turned into a dumpster fire, the start of a real payoff is about to commence. 

Whether it’s right out of the gate Sunday in the season opener against the Washington Commanders at FedEx Field, or at some other point in 2022, the generational quarterback this franchise thought it was getting in Trevor Lawrence is going to surface on a more consistent basis. 

Not that this 22-year-old QB with a 32-year-old mind will be immune to bad games or ghastly interceptions, but Lawrence’s track record of success, his temperament and desire for greatness is too good for him not to start ascending. 

It’s going to happen. Everybody around him sees the signs pointing to it.

Lawrence is a ticking time bomb — in a good way.

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