I began solo traveling after I was laid off in 2009.

Nicole Brewer in Morocco.

Brewer in Morocco.

Nicole Brewer

My solo travels began when I was laid off during the last recession and moved abroad to South Korea. As an expat who’s lived in different countries since —  like South Africa and Germany — I realized there were so many opportunities to travel and see the world. So far, I’ve traveled to more than 50 countries, around 30 of which have been solo trips.

Now, I live in Oman in the Middle East. I’m an English teacher by day and travel blogger by night, documenting my trips and tips on a website I co-founded in 2012.

I love solo travel because I like having control over my plans. One thing with traveling with friends or family is you have to compromise. I like having the freedom and flexibility of waking up one day and deciding that I want to chill at the pool, or go out and have some adventures.

I’ve also grown as an individual and learned so much about myself. Traveling in general is an educational experience, but when you navigate a new place by yourself, there’s real strength in that.


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