7 Scams For Travelers To Be Aware Of

7 Scams For Travelers To Be Aware Of
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The most common taxi scams move you from Point A to Point B, but you’re overcharged. Taxis outside airports and hotels may look legit, but the driver may claim their meter is damaged or inaccurate. It’s also likely they have a working meter, but the cab is unlicensed.

If getting into taxis in our hometown can feel sketchy, imagine a foreign city! A lot of cab drivers will claim their meter is broken or that the fare listed on their meter is not correct since they know you’re from another country. 

The Best Alternative

By now most major tourist cities are using rideshare apps such as Uber or Lyft. In some countries, they have their own taxi apps you can use to get around town.

Now if downloading an app isn’t an option then be sure to ask the driver what the fare would be before getting into the car.

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