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Dirty Car Art


Professionals of this type of art do not seek to depict a banal inscription “wash me” on a dirty car. Specialists use special brushes and brushes for their work. In this area, the 52nd Scott Wade (graphic designer) is considered the leading master. He created many original and amazing drawings using nothing but dirt on car windows. By the way, he started by using a layer of dust on Texas roads as a canvas. There he drew caricatures using small branches and his own fingers.

Today, Wade is invited to promote his products by some of the largest corporations and art exhibitions.

Body Fluid Art


This is naturally strange, but many artists use their body fluids in their work. Most people have probably heard about it in some form or fashion, but 100% what he heard about is just “the tip of an unpleasant iceberg.”

For example, Hermann Nitsch, an Austrian artist, uses his urine or the blood of cattle for his work. These addictions appeared during the Second World War, when he was a child. And now, because of his addiction to an unusual form of art, he has been brought to “justice” several times.

Brazilian artist Vinicius Quesada uses only his own blood in his works, without resorting to the blood of animals. His paintings have a sickly shade of green, yellow and red and are expressed in a very dark surreal atmosphere.

Body as a Brush

In contemporary art, not only artists who use their own body fluids to produce paintings are popular. Quite famous and in demand are masters who write works with their own bodies.

Kira Ayn Varszegi creates abstract portraits using her breasts. She has been criticized quite a lot for this. However, this woman is a full-fledged artist who works according to the classical scheme, using paints and brushes.

There are still strange artists who, instead of a brush, use parts of the body that are completely unintended for this purpose. For example, Ani K draws with her tongue and Stephen Murmer (school teacher) draws with her buttocks.

Real-World to 2D Imaging


The most famous artist in this area is the Los Angeles master Alexa Meade. Her work uses non-toxic acrylic paint, making her assistants look like inanimate two-dimensional paintings. Meade presented his technique to the public in 2009.

Another significant figure in the field is Detroit artist and photographer Cynthia Greig. In her works of art, she uses ordinary and practical household items, rather than people. She covers them with white paint or charcoal. From this, things from the side look flat and two-dimensional.

Art and Shadows


It is not known exactly when mankind began to use the shadow for works of art. But, in spite of everything, contemporary artists have reached unprecedented heights. Masters use shadows to position various objects and even to create shadow images of words, objects and people.

Shadow art has a slightly creepy reputation, however, this does not prevent “shadow artists” from using this style to develop themes of devastation, decline, horror.

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