5 ways to apply mascara to add glam to your eye-makeup

5 ways to apply mascara to add glam to your eye-makeup
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Mascara is the best way to highlight your eyes on special occasions. To look gorgeous, eye makeup helps highlight the overall look. It not only highlights the eyes but also makes you look attractive when you are not wearing any eyeshadow. It adds length, thickness, darkness, and intensity to the natural eyelashes which draws more attention to your facial features. But, it gets frustrating when you do not know the various ways to apply it correctly. 

From trying water-soluble to water-proof mascaras, enhancing eye makeup with it is a favorite of many women. The basic necessity of the mascara is that it should stay on your eyelashes for long hours but is easy to remove afterward. So, if you want to get healthy, feathery lashes, then it is pertinent to follow these ways by which you can apply the mascara correctly. 

Vertical brushing

Use the entire brush for upper lashes and just the tip for lower lashes. For longer eyelashes, use it without clumping with a vertical brush!

Fan brushing

When you are using eyelashes, it gives a naturally fluffy and clean finish. Apply black liner to the ends of the bristles and brush your lashes upwards.

Dual coloring

Start by using black mascara. Apply and let it dry. Once dry, use light brown mascara to accentuate just the tips of your lashes. This method also adds depth and helps make your eyes look bigger.

Diagonal brushing

You can aim for full coverage both above and below your lashes for maximum hold. If you want to prepare it with an eyelash primer, it also adds volume to the outer corner of the eyelashes.

Blink away

You can start by wiping off excess product from your mascara brush with a tissue. Then gently place the brush on the tip of your lower lash and blink the wand a few times. This makes it easier to apply mascara to your lower lashes.

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