5 countries that offer free college—and how they accomplished it | Entertainment News

In Europe, the collective commitment to make public education universal and government-funded rose from the resilience needed to pull through the trauma of the Second World War. Many European nations offer their citizens tuition-free post-secondary studies in public institutions, a benefit extended, in some instances, to prospective international students as well.

Study.com compiled a list of five countries offering free college education and researched how they do it and how their policies apply to international students. 

Nations such as the Netherlands have made a tradition of hosting international students and, to meet their needs, augmented their various universities’ academic catalogs to include English language-only classes. Israel and several Asian countries implemented a similar policy.

Spanish-speaking nations have signed multinational agreements to officially accept each other’s university degrees. In addition, they have created visas to extend college graduates’ time in the host country, allowing them to look for employment opportunities in their field of study.

As tuition costs in the United States have skyrocketed, some students have opted for studying abroad, which can offer relative financial stability and top-notch education while enriching one’s understanding of global culture.

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